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Welcome to CN's Fit After Fifty Column by Betty Thomas

3360 Condominium

Photos by Maddy Greenberg

Unless otherwise stated

Fourth of July, 2016

3360 4th of July 

with Clara & Joseph Han, 

original condo owners since the building was new and Pirkko Tilikainen and Juha Makipaa.

4th party gals, 

Irene Manista 

(also long time original owner) 

with her daughter Karen

3360 4th of July Party with Alexandra Scott,

Art Dinkin and Michael Lioz

3360 — Party City!

February, 2015

Dr. Bob & Debbie Chod

Dawn and Lewis Kapner

Elaine & Harvey Schwartz. 

Elaine and Harvey are original owners – the last of the Mohicans.

Left to right- 

Michael and Christina Athans; Roshdy and Traca Botros

Festive Fourth of July, 2014

Taria and Jack Geis, who gave the party at their home. 


Photo taken by Donald Mates Jr., whose dad lives at 3360.

Iris and Larry Goldberg, 3360 residents and fellow 3360er, Dr. Gerry Kess. 


Photo by Donald Mates Jr.

L-R. Donald Mates Jr., Dr. Karen Davis, 3360 residents, Karen’s mom, Irene Manista and Donald Jr.’s dad, Donald Mates Sr. 


Photo taken by Dr. Robert Chod

Lewis and Dawn Kaplan, new residents at 3360 and neighbors Leon & Phyllis Perlin. 


Photo by Donald Mates Jr.

Dr. Robert and Debbie Chod, 3360-ers, 

Rita Renk and 3360-ers, Dr. Gerry Kess and Larry Goldberg. 


Photo taken by Donald Mates Jr.

Party Time January 27, 2014

Dobie Hunegs, Arlene Kurtis & Vera Safro

Larry & Iris Goldberg

Arlene & Richie Rachins 

dancing the night away

Ruth Marder


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