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Welcome to CN's Fit After Fifty Column by Betty Thomas

Buttonwood West Clubhouse


Last Updated 05/26/2021

Photos by Murph Stone

April 2013 Women's Club Meeting

l-r: Ro Wilkes, Claire Iandoli & Louise Roselle

l-r: Kathy Brady, Ruth Brady & Eileen Baisley

BWW's Broadway Dinner Show

The Company is back 


Lots of Lovin' 

to do.

Paul & Jean Banick

Alma & AJ Harrell

St. Patrick's Day. March 2013

Alma, hold that pose with A.J.!

Ted and Janet Barclay

Felicia and Joe Longo

Lee and Ruth Brady Likes

Ray and Claire Iandoli

with Ro Wilks

Valentine's Party, Feb. 2013

Eileen and Richard Baisley

David Perry, Domenick Modena, AJ Harrell, Norma Modena, 

and Michelina Martone

Women's Club Meeting, Jan. 2013

Helga Wortmann, Ro Wilks, 

Claire Iandoli,

Juliette Iannacone

Bertha Papadopoulos, 

Darlene Tintori, Ann Sciascia

Pearl Cipriano, Lil Vizzicelli, 

Maria DiCanio, Trude Mader

Felicia Longo, Josephine Zagame, Antoinette Gilli

New Year's Eve, 2012-2013

John & Laverne Beres

Len & Laura Fispan

Joan Needle & Herb Usherson

Ann & Nick Sciascia

Pearl & Rocco Cipriano

Dr. Goldfarb & Ann Edmundson

Al Nichols & Helga F. Wortmann

Marge & Art Collins

Joseph & Arlene Scarda

John Nicotra & Karla Gettis

December 2012

Lighting of the Hanukkah Candles & Christmas Lights; 

Women's Club Holiday Luncheon

Palm Beach Central High School Choir lead by Scott Houchins

Santa makes surprise visit to all

Maria Di Canio, 

Domenick Modena,

Marie Briand, and 

Norma Modena

Barbara Goldberg & AJ Harrell

Tony Alfano and 4 lovely ladies - 

Lil Vissichelli, Marj Socha, 

Fran Alfano, and Nancy DeLuca

Thank you BWW Generous Ladies for your toys

November Women's Club Meeting

Joan Needle, Laura Fispan & Charl Rosenthal

Lois Cautilli and Josie McDonald

Barbara Goldberg and Alice Brode

Halloween 2012

Francesca & Michael Alexoff

Alice and Arthur Brode

Rose and Jerry Eleftherios

Joan and Jerry Lucey

Walter Needre 


Catherine Scalzo

Mary and Richard Levine

Ruth Brady Likes 

and Lee Likes

Women's Club Meeting, Oct. 2012

Lil Vissichelli, 

another happy trader

Josie McDonald

& Marie Briand


Janet Young, Alice Brode 

& Pearl Cipriano

Bernice & Barbara Fortson

Charlotte studies trade she anticipates making

Gala Dinner Dance, October 2012

Former BWW Pres. AJ Harrell, with current

BWW Bd. Secretary, Alma Harrell

Pres. Jean Banick & 

Husband Paul Banick

Guest Philip Lowe and Rita Carr

Trudy & Bill Mader returned from Germany just in time for this 

Gala Dinner Dance

Kathy Spotts and 

guest Daniel Meyers

Brunch, August 2012

Joan Spillman, Phil Rowen

and Alice Brode

Rich Baisley, Jr. & sisters

Rebeccah Smith & Patty Smith

Gloria and Roy Welch, my computer hero, who has prayerfully resolved my printer’s problem.

Thank You, Roy!

BWW Bingo

August, 2012

Lucy Delgardo, Noel Guardo, Milagros Rodriguez

Marie Briand, Ro Wilks, 

Fran Alfano -- all won!

Fran Alfano, Winning at Bingo is a Great Feeling!

Shelley Kahn & Sis Murphy. 

Glad to greet you back, Shelley. Hope all bones are mending smoothly after your fall!

Doris Holden is content she won!

Our Bingo Greek Corner happily awaits for Bingo to Begin! 

L-R: Sophie Caras, 

Soumela Syristatides, 

George Caras and 

Aleco Syristatides.

July, 2012: 


Marj Socha was here to win 

& win she did!

Mary Mastropietro & Sis Murphy

Loraine Schneider 

& Laverne Berez

Welcome Linda & Joe Mattioli

4th of July Fun Food Line Program

Maria DiCanio baked the delicious US Flag Cake.

Trude Mader eagerly watches 

Phil Rowen’s choices.

Tony's Turkey Dinner Program, 

June 2012

Maria Tarangelo and her sister Lucey Chonka

Rita & Tony Angelora: 

Relaxing for just a moment!

Joan Johnston and 

Betty Clementson,

from the East - 

Buttonwood-East, that is.

Beiter Kurz and Antrin Kunz from Germany. Friend Trude Mader stands in back.

Aleco and Soumela Syristatides, my Greek friends, made it in time for the salad course.

Estelle Filowitz, visits with

her brother Harvey Finkelstein.

Ro Wilks and Marj Socha 

smile happily.

Memorial Day 2012

Ruth Day 


Ray DeVane

Norman Singer 


Maria De Canio

Maria Taranglio 


Rose and Louis Ruffo

George Vissichelli, 

Elvira Rivera 


Jack Sabow

May 2012, Roast Beef Dinner

Rita Angelora; Ruth Brady; 

Tony Angelora;

Barbara Fortson; Laura Fispan; Kathy Spotts.

This is Tony Angelora’s 

Dessert Crew!!!!

Jo McDonald and 

Phil & Pat Brewer

Claire Iandoli & Rosemarie Wilks

Marie DiCanio & 

Walter Steele (Scotty)

Women's Club Annual Officers Installation Luncheon, April 2012

BWW Women’s Club newly committed Board Members: 

Millie MacLeod: Secretary; Co-Presidents: Helen Dickey and Alice Brode; 

Laura Fispan, Treasurer. 

Charlotte Rosenthal 

and Joan Needle

Annual Dinner Show, April 2012 "With a Smile and a Song"

Three Dancing Queens:

Pearl Cipriano; Marie Scaturro; Helen Dickey

Marie Briand sang the part of "Rose of Washington Square," accompanied by four eager tenors:

Ray Devaney, Lee Likes, Ray Iandolli and Vittorio Gilli

John & Laverne Beres

Elvira Rivera; 

Charlotte Rosenthal; 

Laura Fispan

Paul Goldberg 


Barbara Goldberg

"Sounds of Italy," March 31, 2012

Mareo & Franca Pacella

Arlene & Joe Scarda

Rita & Frank Giacalone

Maria & Jimmy Mangialico

St. Patrick's Day 2012

Barbara Fortson; 

Pamela Simmons;

Betty Clementson; 

Joan Johnston.

Victorio Gilli.

Thank you, Victorio, 

for warm family fun


Tony Angelora welcomes

Mary Hinkoff, guest.

(Tony, the food was superb.)

BWW Women's Club

Winnie Altwater; 

daughter Barbara Altwater;

Lil Vissichelli; Alice Brode 

and Janet Barclay.

Josie McDonald; Nancy DeLuca;

Claire Iandoli and Ro Wilks.

Tony Angelora Breakfast

Joe Scarda and Nick & Ann Sciascia smile as Tony Angelora (standing) takes a quick break and away he goes!

A young Grandmother, 

Michelina Martone,shows off her granddaughter Victoria,

 who became the 

Belle of the Angelora Breakfast


Valentine's Day Party 2012

Janet Barclay; Darlene Tintori;

Anna Sciascia; Kathy Spotts

Grace, guest of New member Carol. Both Ladies enjoyed 

BWW Women’s Club

Valentine Meeting.


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