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Welcome to CN's Fit After Fifty Column by Betty Thomas

Century Village

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Last Updated 05/26/2021

Photos by Dot Loewenstein (except where noted)

Camden H., Century Village, Honors Retiring Association Vice President

Photo by Board Member Mike Ryan

Dick Cobus is shown above receiving a certificate of appreciation from Association Secretary Liz Nemeth, for his long and dedicated service as Vice President of the Camden H Association, Century Village, WPB. Looking on are President Pat Cobus, far left. Board Member Tom King, far right.

Annual Resident Show, 

March, 2015

If you had no opportunity to observe the multiple rehearsals of our Annual Resident Show, you will at least notice this photo of Dolly Heit (pictured above), who not only sings and dances, but also provides COSTUMES by the dozen! Perhaps it seems hard to believe, but on stage are as many as forty at one time! The show was performed March 8, 2015.

Honey & Steve Tolkin

I recently ran into this couple at the clubhouse. What stopped me in my tracks was how YOUNG they both appear: Steve had been president of the Brooklyn Club for 6 years, and Honey has a beautiful voice with Merry Minstrels and Songbirds. They both performed in one of our annual resident shows a few years ago, where it was backstage that I first met them. This week, without any hesitation, he immediately informed me of his 80th birthday this past September 21st. Then, while I was still in shock over his youthful appearance (based upon cataract surgery, and 


no more eyeglasses), Honey told   me that daughter Laurie, and two granddaughters, Caroline (26) and Erica (28) are en route to celebrate her 80th birthday on January 10th.

Fourth of July 2014 

While walking around the pool during our Fourth of July clubhouse party, I spotted a couple with lovely decorated outfits. She identified herself as Joyce Lasker, from Wellington H. The gentleman identified himself as Abe Seidman, a WWII wounded veteran, from Wellington B

Century Village's Act II Community Theater is Cooking Up a Great Show

"Once Upon a Time? ... A fairy tale run amok."

Story by Lanny Howe; Photo by John Gragg

Cast members: Ellie Palmisano, Beth Baker, Thom Delnero, 

Joyce Lapskur, Steve Mussman, Maureen Debigere, Hilda Ortega, Sheldon Notgarnie, Kitty Gragg, Joan Turner, Wolf Eisenberg, 

John Gragg, Lucy Ascuncion and Phyllis Frishberg.

Last night I sat in on the second rehearsal of the Act II Community Theater’s new show, which promises to be a doozy. It’s called "Once Upon a Time," with the subtitle "A Fairy Tale Run Amok." You are going to see a king, a queen, princes and maybe even a fairy godmother in this production—and some hilarious confusion.

There was plenty of confusion and hilarity last night as I watched their second rehearsal. The king and queen were on a cruise so they couldn’t play their own parts, and two princes were on vacation. Not to be denied, director Kitty Gragg had large "name-tag signs" made up for the characters, which they hung around their necks. Some had to play the part of more than one character because of the summer absences.

The rehearsal was a mixture of laughter and effort. The play is in three acts, and there will be many surprises. The cast is hoping for one big surprise at the end, the details to be worked out.

"Once Upon a Time" will be performed in probably late November or December, after a good number of our snowbirds are back. In October there will be a "By Invitation Only" performance, on the order of a dress rehearsal.

And—good news! "Once Upon a Time" will be performed in the large Clubhouse room C, so hopefully nobody will have to be turned away like at their previous standing room only productions.

Stay tuned!


Century Village Stained Glass Class

Peter Grobman showing his "almost lamp" to his instructor Theo

Century Village Italian American Cultural Club

Mary Ann & Ray Bianco

Ron Massa standing behind "Figgy" Figueroa

Latino Club celebrates 

Cinco De Mayo 

Rita Krogh, from Norway, dances to the lively Latin music.

Joyce Novak, Carol Castro, Irene Bonacorsi keep movin’ to the music

Helen Antinoro

welcomes Dot

By Dot Loewenstein

Cinco De Mayo has always been a very special dancing event in our clubhouse, but this year I was quite amazed to see no Mexican costumes. Our Latino Club has always invited everyone from any ethnic background to join, and one long standing member is Rita Krogh, from Norway. Three ladies asked me if I could possibly get them into the Condo News, but they just stood up at their table, instead of crowding themselves on the dance floor: Irene Bonacorsi, Carol Castro and Joyce Novak. I thought the best photo to be that of Helen Antinoro welcoming me when I arrived. As usual, the music was loud enough to kill my eardrums, so I left early. Next time I’ll remember to bring my earplugs.

 Finish Line of the Third Annual Century Village 5K Run/Walk

To Benefit the local VA Hospital

George & Dot Loewenstein, pictured at the finish line,

in the 3rd annual 5KRun/Walk to benefit the local VA Hospital. A count was made as runners and walkers hit the finish line, and the attached photo happens to show the final returnee - #159. All participants were quite pleased with the pale blue shirts provided.

CV residents register for 5K run on Feb. 17th

Century Village residents already lining up to participate in our annual 5K run/walk to benefit our VA hospital on February 17th.

Annual Resident Show Rehearsal

Director, known well as J.M. —

a great sense of humor, 

and loved by all.

Rehearsal in music room a few weeks before the 

Annual Resident Show — 

quite a group!

Health Fair

Staff from St. Mary’s hospital with large board emphasizing the important points relating to strokes.

Catherine Luynh, LCSW, community liaison for VITAS. Details in following paragraph.

United Order of True Sisters 

New Officers

United Order of True Sisters new officers:

L-R: Roz Posner, new Nat’l Sec. Marilyn Asner, Nat’l. 2nd VP Marlene Schnitzer, current and new Pres and Harriet Winks outgoing Nat’l sec. Installation by Marion Polansky, including a short song by

Joan Hesher, VP.

Betty Peyser, past Nat’l Pres, donated 86 items as shown - one for everyone, handmade by her,

of course.

African American Cultural Club's Sunday "Mo Town" Dance, Oct. 2013

Thinking about dancing at African American Cultural Club’s FIRST DANCE - note Amerlia and Albert, (only she is in Hallowe’en costume)

One Woman Art Show, Oct. 2013

Connie Kurtz, quite prolific, brought us a one-woman art show in October.

Adorables" as named by Connie, among her "shell art" - quite unusual.

Annual Centenarian Party

October 2013

Ethel Brownstein, center, will turn 100 on Nov. 30th, 2013. She is pictured at the Annual Centenarian Party with her daughter Ann, as well as two sons and a daughter-in-law.

Latino Club 

Victor & Angela 

are ready to dance 

at the Latino Club's 

October party.

Hastings Cue Club 

Annual Tournament

Winners of the Tournament: 

Division A: 

#1-Tom Rabicki; #2-Ted Kleiman. 

Division B: 

#1-Andre LaPlum, #2-Zev Wellins. 

Pictured l-r: 

Tom Rabicki, Zev Wellins, 

Andre LaPlume, Ted Kleiman

First Annual CV 5K Benefit Run/Walk - Proceeds to the WPB VA


(L-R) Carolyn, Pat, Rose, 

Louise, 2 Kathleens in back

Ralph & Gloria 

chatting with 

John Molloy (Vietnam Vet)

United Order of True Sisters (UOTS) Celebrates 38 Years

(L-R) Wendy Bummolo, Diane Hess, Sarah Pilch

Bananagrams is a mild form of Scrabble - if you don’t worry about keeping score, and can survive without those dinky little two-letter "words." Wendy is trying to get Sarah to stop relaxing and work harder, while Diane, dead center, is enjoying every minute.

Pediatric Oncology Support Team is helped by U(nited) O(rder) of T(rue) S(isters). Their recent gathering had a four figure check for Dr. Barbara Abernathy, presented by UOTS president Marlene Schnitzer. Admiring the cake announcing 38 years of this chapter (L-R) Jean Hasher, 1st VP and Sandy Emerem, 2nd VP.

"Turkey Day" 

Ros Levin in the foreground with the other 200 in the background.

Kitchen helpers

Sonya, Olga, and Cindy


CV Fetes Centenarians

101 year old Helen Siegler (r), 

with daughter Janet

101 year old Art Cohen (r), 

with daughter Ellen

Clubhouse Party Room

Doorman and caller of 

Bingo games, 

 Fausto Fabbro

Century Village's Fitness Center at Hastings Clubhouse

Century Village residents wait for their Fitness Center to open at 7:00 am.


Photo by Dot Loewenstein

Resident's Annual Craft Show

Baby hats and Afghan in process by members of Craft Therapy Club.

Book marks for residents in the Annual Show 

made by Dot Loewenstein.

CV Clubhouse Library, 

Sculpture by Author Jean M. Auel


"Jean Auel - 

Clan of the Cave Bear - 

Ayla and daughter"

Annual Resident Arts & Crafts Show

Hilda Ortega, much prettier than 

the mask creation

Theo, stained glass instructor, with student Suzanne

Valentine Dance Party

Bob & Vivien Smith

Cyndi & Vern Furney. 

Cyndi holding the bottle


CV Resident Show Rehearsal

Photo by J.M.

Back row L-R:

Bill, Chuck, Maurice, Sol, Victor, Wolf, Vincent, Yussie

Front row, seated,

L-R: Willie, Herbie, Judy, Bernie


Here are the three singers portraying Spoon, Fork and Knife. l-r Jean, Cory, and Judy

Halloween 2001 at Century Village

Mustard / Ketchup couple: 

Dave & Bonnie Shingler.

The feminine man in a hat is (hubby) Horst Fei 

with animal wife Gail Fei.

The Dutch gal is Mary Resen, and the Harley Davidson fella is her husband of 49 years, Jerry Resen. Their anniversary was October 13th.

Century Village Fetes Centenarians, Oct. 26, 2011

A birthday party for residents over the age of 100. It was held in our clubhouse Party Room on October 26th.

The oldest at 106, although unable to attend is Pauline Cheeger, born March 26, 1905. Our resident professional photographer/videographer Ken Graff had the painstaking task of personally interviewing several of our centenarians. He made a great video of these interviews but cut it down to only six minutes for everyone to see. The actual video is over twenty minutes long and is available for party guests as permanent mementos. Pauline is thus the first one in the video - a position well deserved.

Lillian Rubin was born on Dec 12, 1907 - that makes her 104. Al Weiskopf will be 102 on Jan. 20th. His portion of the video shows him getting out of his car at the Fitness Center, walking up the stairs to the billiard room, and making a perfect shot. Helen Sisselman was 101 on Aug 14, and Regina Lasky will be 101 on Dec. 29th. Shirley Weiss will be 101 on Jan. 25th and Mina Steinberg was 100 on June 26th. Fannie Feinbaum was outstanding in her hat; her birthday was July 25th, and the remaining 100ers include Art Cohen (Sept 15), Helen Siegler (Oct 11) and Harry Dubin (Dec. 10). Please take a moment to look carefully at the photo of Shirley Weiss - in my opinion she could not be a day over 70. Yes, her hair is a lovely shade of red.

Musical entertainment was provided by Jack Kasden, who brought several singers along - their voices could have been on Broadway - they were great! The event was dedicated in memory of Ted Silverman who began these celebrations four years ago. Lori Torres, the current chair, with her wonderful committee, presented a fantastic program. Catering the buffet meal was Golden Corral, with easy to chew items - especially good for those with health problems. The Walgreen’s building was well represented by pharmacist Debbie Charles, VivianCarta-Sanchez, Nurse Practitioner, and floral centerpieces were supplied by VITAS.

We cannot overlook our tax collector Anne Gannon, County Commissioner Paulette Burdick, Peyton McArthur, and Sara Alsofrom, as well as Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher. UCO President David Israel made a short speech. Vice Presidents Bob Marshall and Frank Cornish were with Ed Black, Treasurer, and George Loewenstein, President Emeritus, was situated between two of the ladies mentioned earlier. A most memorable event.

Photos below by Dot Loewenstein

Harry Dubin, 

the baby of the bunch, 

will turn 100 on

Dec. 10th.


Eileen Pearlman, 

committee member, 

with Al Weiskopf, 

already 102

 and will turn 103 on Jan. 20th.

Shirley Weiss 

will be 101 on January 25th.


Eva Rachesky


Anita Pearce


Main Clubhouse Reopening 

Sept. 22, 2011:

"Dance For Your Health"

We had a big event in our newly reopened clubhouse on Sept. 22nd. Billed as "Dance for your Health," it drew a nice crowd. In addition to blood pressure screening (with free giveaways), there were Tap Dancing lessons that had a good number of prospective dancers up on their feet. The affair was free, with refreshments, under the sponsorship of Good Sam and our own Medical Care Center. When asked why there were not more tables representing those two entities, their marketing agent Jennifer Schnipper explained there was only ONE thrust for this event - Dancing! After an hour or two, our wonderful Latino Club members got up to dance, and then we really saw dancing. We have attended several of their dances and noted that no one sits down - they dance an entire four hours without stopping!

Belle Berger making use of 

rubber jar opener

Hastings Pool

Carol Hurley points to the new "stockings" on the stair rails at the Hastings Pool. 

July 4th Swim Party

Olga Wolkenstein at the village’s July 4th swim party
"taking a photo" of the photographer.

Latino Club Mardi Gras

(l-r) Juana Molina, Joe Colletti, 

Terry Avila

Hastings Cue Club Tournament February 10, 2011

Hastings Cue Club held its year end tournament on Feb. 10th.  Trophies were presented at awards dinner at Duffy’s on March 24th. L-R: A Division: Sal Belardo (2nd); Ted Klieman, Pres. (1st); B Division: Charlie Minowitz (1st)  & Andre LaPlume (2nd)

Annual Arts & Crafts Show

February 25, 2011

Helen Seigler, 99, who has drawn cartoons for the UCO Reporter for many years, shows off some of the shirts that are easier for her to embellish, now that she is almost blind from macular degeneration. Helen was also an artist and one of her earlier paintings was donated and is on display in the clubhouse library.

Shelley Tenzer shows off her sculptures -- Lovers in the Water and Lady with a Concertina. Shelley graduated from the Music & Art High School in New York 65 years ago and has talent in both directions - music and sculpture. She confesses that the title Lovers in the Water was due to the fact that there was no room in the stone for legs! Shelley is well known in the Village as the leader of the Yiddish Culture Chorus for the past 12 years.

United Civic Organization (UCO) Elects New Board

Photo by George Loewenstein

(l-r) State Attorney Michael McAuliffe, Dom Guarnagia, Ken Davis, Jackie Karlan, Dot Loewenstein,

Jerry Karpf, Suzy Byrnes, Sandy Cohen, Howie Silver.

Sunday, March 13th was the 29th annual UCO luncheon, hosted by Mary Patrick Benton, at which newly elected members of the Executive Board were sworn in by Michael McAuliffe. Previously held elsewhere, this year it was at the Airport Hilton where the food and service was fantastic. Our group found the mango sauce quite delicious, and it was served with both chicken and fish! As always, the Al Matos Band entertained. President David Israel spoke briefly, not only welcoming all those present, but also reminding the newly elected members of their responsibilities to the CV community, and I quote: "They are called to think less of their own exclusive needs and more of the needs of the Village and our unit owners."

Line Dancing Class

Beginning Line Dancing Class is called "Sex on the Beach." First on left is John, next is Sandy, then Jerri and Carroll next row: Barbara, Julie, Sandy & Helen Front row: Esther and Megan Instructor Charlotte Forman out in front.

Camden Pool

The "Rummy O" Tournament at the Camden Pool: Pictured are the three winners from their tables before playing a final game to determine the day’s winner. L-R Cindy Maxwell, Blanche Ritter, 

Mimi Nosenchuk, organizer, and 

Adele Fleschmer. 

Cindy was the final winner.

Italian American Culture Club 

We visited the Italian American Culture Club in mid-December, 2010 and were confronted by a huge pile of colorful toys and games that were being picked up and would be delivered shortly to Toys for Tots by local Marines. This has been an annual event sponsored by the club. (Photo below)

L-R: Fran Schmidt, Dolores Rizzotto, Jerry Marenga, Gunnery Officer McKenna, Howie Silver, Louis Hazen, Anne Borgia and Ann Falzarano, Board of IACC

December 2010 Fashion Show

United Order of True Sisters (UOTS) Members modeling for the December Fashion Show: (left to right) 

Lenore Sperling, Janet Feuer, Fran Marchasin, 

Diane Andelman, Ileen Cohen

Health Fair, Nov. 12th

The CV Health Fair was held Nov. 12 at the main clubhouse. Many healthcare professionals participated, offering free blood pressure exams, goody bags and door prizes. As we walked around the room, one particular table attracted us -- the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) of Century Village. Pictured above are CERT members Lori Torres, George Loewenstein, CERT chairperson Jackie Karlan, and CERT member John Hess.

Centenarian Party

For the third year, Century Village has honored residents over the age of 100 with a small party. Six of the 11 eligible residents were present at this year's event: 

Regina Laskey (100), 

Ceil Imberman (102), 

Lillian Rubin (103)

Pauline Cheeger (105), 

Albert Weiskopf (101), 

Abramham Moskowitz (103)

Clubhouse Art Exhibit

Beth Baker admiring 

"Woodstork of Century Village" 

(oil) by Jim Ferrell

Gun Club

Gun Club members: 

Left to Right: George Franklin, 

Anthony Casaccio, Bud Hesher, 

Dolores Rizzotto, Ron Helms, 

Carol La Placa


Quilters meet every Tuesday, year ‘round and work together without any one designated leader. This particular quilt by Connie Kurtz hangs in the lobby of our Clubhouse, and the ladies who are admiring it also have quilts hanging nearby. Pictures left to right: Jo Landolfi, Juana Caballero, Connie Kurtz, Marilyn Sussman and Sarah McKenzie.

Party Room

Latino Club

Century Village's Latino Club is active all year round with monthly dances on the last Sunday of the month. Pictured at the August 29th party are the Maya Fiesta group led by Jeronimo Camposeco with Club President Lilly Zimbrano (center). 

Bingo is Back!!

Claire Garritano is pictured with 21 cards at the September 1st bingo game.

In charge of the Party Room door, verifying CV IDs is 94-year-old Babe Bernstein, as "Bouncer" (left), with "the boss" Isabelle Scherel. 

Tai Chi at the Fitness Center

Tai Chi students congratulated Jerry Ziffer upon his graduation from a four year course in Acupuncture:

l-r: Dolly Rothenberg, instructor Jerry Ziffer, Ros Chudow, 

Sadie Lovinger, Eliana Tompkin.

Out of frame, Doris Bacchios.

Computer Club

(l-r) Dolores Battaglia & Maggie Pinto at the CV Computer Club Class

Ceramics Class

David Lett uses raw clay to create his item. Here, David is creating an eagle. Ceramics, on the other hand, are items that are created using a mold that is dried, painted, glazed and then fired in a kiln. 

Craft Therapy

Craft Therapy: Clockwise, beginning with standing instructor Shirley Nusbaum, seated: Helen Haber, Elizabeth Augustine, Shona Bloom, Amelia James, Toni Deesold, and Florence DeVeto.

Woodworking Shop

Woodworking: Left to right: John Caldarella with birdhouse, Gene Renzi, Ernest Dube, Barney Kostes, and Henry Stein

Cue Club

Century Village's Cue Club meets at the Hastings Fitness Center. John McCaffrey & Frank Doyle pose for a photo between games. 

Water Aerobics Class

From left: Phyllis, Janet, Mollie (in back), Bella, Ruthie (in back), Mitzi, Karen (in back), Roz, Doris, Nancy (in back), Cathy.

Clubhouse Library

Irwin Frank places books into boxes destined for the V.A. Hospital. Old books and jig saw puzzles are regularly cleared and donated to the V.A. Hospital to make room for new ones. 

Linda Lawler works on a jigsaw puzzle in the Century Village Clubhouse Library.


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