Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge, Dec. 15, 2013 Christmas Luncheon

Special Feature

The following was written by a Belgian citizen and recited at the Henri - Dhappelle American Cemetery and Memorial in Belgium on Memorial Day, 2004.

It was read at the December 15, 2013, meeting of the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge by Bob Erskine. The poem is verbatim as originally written.

Ode to the U.S. Army

1944 - 2004

U.S. Army liberated Werm-Hoeselt, Belgium in 1944 from the German Nazi's


our people couldnít take much more

the United States, beloved friend

brought peace, and war came to an end.


Thousands came, from very far

guided by a big white star

The Stars and Stripes, a flag of feast

liberation from the Nazi beast


They stayed here in Werm as well

Their future? No one could tell

They gave their youth, to make us free

They gave their lives, for you, for me


They slept here in a house or tent

not knowing where the others went

a fight with machineguns or with tanks

down by the rivers at one of the banks


How great the sorrow, enormous pain

when the Bulge was calling out their name

they all knew what Von Rundstedt hated

didnít want Belgium to be liberated


And now we stand here on our own

reading a name carved in the stone

reminiscing of way back when

and wishing they were back again


Times go by, maybe fast, maybe slow

remember it was sixty years ago

Now neo-Naziís lift their head

"What did we die for" say the dead


Havenít you learned your lesson yet

stop racism, hatred, have peace instead

We thank you friend who taught us well

we thank you, more than we can tell


Weíre aware that behind each white cross

people suffered in their loss

You, heroes, with different ranks

to all of you our deepest thanks


The Belgian people thanks you

and does never forget



Tongersesteenweg 111

3730 Werm Ė Hoeselt BELGIUM