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Welcome to CN's TCCA News

On this page: 

• 103rd Annual South Florida Fair 2015

"A Jackpot of Memories"

Sights of the Midway

Yesteryear Village During Fair

• Yesteryear Village at the South Florida Fair, 2014

Sights of the Village • Village buildings • Villagers

~About Yesteryear Village~

Step Back in Time

• Scary, Spooky, Supernatural, 1st Friday of the Month


Last updated 05/26/2021

South Florida Fair 2015

"A Jackpot of Memories"

Photos by Jimmy Shirley

South Florida Fair Midway

Steve Barnard demonstrates clogging at the Yesteryear Village in front of the Village's Dentist's Office.

Maddy Clausen of La Pinata Condominium in Greenacres, and her son Michael were at the Yesteryear Village during the South Florida Fair Saturday, Jan. 24th.

By Betty Thomas

This Year’s Theme — A Jackpot of Memories! — featured Las Vegas Exposition. Entertainment included Law Vegas impersonators. There were two shows every afternoon. Free with admission.

Senior Day was Monday, January 26. Admission that day for Seniors (60 or better) was $5 and included special activities and entertainment. Every Tues., Wed., & Thurs. Admission was $7 for Seniors (60 or better).

At the Yesteryear Village located east of the Expo Buildingc visitors went back in time to an era between 1895 to 1945. Yesteryear Village is a history park on 10 acres featuring a collection of buildings, original and replicated, including an old schoolhouse, a blacksmith shop, general store, woodworking shop, dentist, newspaper print shop, antique fire dept., church and more.

The Yesteryear Village is also open during events during the year. 

Yesteryear Village 

at the South Florida Fair

Photos by Jimmy Shirley

Sights in the Village 2014

Yesteryear Village is proud of their new fire house and print shop. 

See photos below by Jimmy Shirley

The New Fire House

Chief Wilbur Danley, Volunteer

Antique Firetruck

The New Print Shop

Intertype typesetting machine

Print shop 

Yesteryear Village

-- an Historic Village of Restored Buildings -- 

on the South Florida Fairgrounds

 in West Palm Beach, FL

Last Updated 05/26/2021

About Yesteryear Village —

Nestled on the South Florida Fairgrounds at 9067 Southern Blvd., in West Palm Beach, Florida, visitors will find the historic Yesteryear Village, comprising of a collection of more than 20 restored buildings from all over Florida, most of which date back to the turn of the century through the early 30s and 40s. 

View of the School House (left) from the Bink Glisson Museum yard.

The first building to -- the one that started it all -- was the Loxahatchee Two Room School House. It now houses a school room on one side and the World War II Museum on the other. 


Riddle House


The Riddle House, a beautiful three story frame house, was built in the early 1900s. It was known as The Painted Lady because of its bright painted colors of Flagler yellow, Jefferson green, white and sky blue. (The underside of the wrap around porch roof is painted sky blue which was said to discourage carpenter bees from making their home in the rafters.) Built by some of Henry Flagler's hotel construction workers and using some of the materials from the hotel construction, the Riddle house was erected on the Jefferson Park land owned by Joseph Jefferson, the most famous American actor of the time. It became the home for the first West Palm Beach City Manager and Superintendent of Public Works, Karl Riddle. The house was donated to the Village by West Palm Beach.

The Bink Glisson Historical Museum was built entirely by volunteers and donations of materials and remains the largest single contribution to the Village, valued at $450,000, and is a replica of the 1858 Haile Plantation House which still stands in Alachua County, Florida. It houses artifacts from the late Bink Glisson's  collection. Mr. Glisson's family came to the area in the early 20s and he was very instrumental in the development of Wellington, Florida. 


View of the Church (right) from the porch of the Riddle House.


Other buildings at the Village include the L Street House, Sewing Circle, Smoke House (it is in operation during the Fair), the Fish & Bait House, Church, Corbett House, Fire Museum, Print Shop, Wood Shop, General Store where visitors can purchase period merchandise, preserves, some baked goodies, candies and more, Bridge Tender's House, Seller's Farm, Blacksmith Shop, Post Office, Telephone Museum, and more. 

The entrance to the Village is graced by the 1934 West Palm Beach Country Club Arch Donated by the Town of Golfview, Florida. 

The Yesteryear Village is "populated" by a "community" of volunteer reenactors  in period dress. There are quilters, candle makers, weavers, spinners, woodworkers, leather craftsmen, and more. You will experience the sights, smells and sounds of old Florida. The village is a product of the hard work and dedication of these volunteers.  

The Village is open year round for group tours by appointment.

For more information, please call  (561) 795-3110. 



Photos by Betty Thomas


Scary, Spooky, Supernatural

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – It is said that if you quietly stroll by the Riddle House in historic Yesteryear Village at night, especially late evening, you could experience a chilling sighting or sound. Climb the creaking, wooden stairs inside and you might just bump into someone or something very frightening.

Do you dare? Do you have the bravery to see what’s really going on in Yesteryear Village?

For years, there have been whispers of hauntings, ghost sightings and cloaked figures in several of the town’s buildings. Some spirits have been chronicled on national television. Paranormal experts from throughout the nation have visited to conduct their own investigations and document evidence. Now, see for yourself!

Beginning next month, "An Evening in the Dark..a Ghostly Affair Walking Tour" will be offered. Scheduled stops include the Riddle House where a soul believes he was wronged in death and cannot move on. From there, step to the mysterious Corbett area shack where legend says bodies were once found. What about the abnormal clock at the Pineapple Processing Plant that stopped working at midnight and was found on the floor stuck at 3:00 A.M., the identical time a soldier was killed a century ago?

As you eerily wind your way through Yesteryear Village, your tour guide reveals the haunts, history and bizarre sightings of these buildings and others. The first tour is scheduled for Friday, August 5 and is presented every first Friday of the month thereafter (except January) from 9:00 to 11:00 P.M. Tour capacity is limited. Admission is $15. Reservations can be made at southfloridafair.com/Ghosttours or phone (561) 790 5232.



Wednesday, May 26, 2021

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