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Condo News Online Special Features Page


On this page: 

• Grandparents' / Parents' Brag Book 

• Wedding Anniversary Announcements

• Wedding Announcements

• Birthday Milestones

Grandparents' Brag Book

One of our favorite features is the Grandparents’ Brag Book. Pictured above contributed by Arnie Dickerman, columnist for Covered Bridge,  are his son and identical twin granddaughters: Sienna, Daddy Jayson and Jordan.

Those were the days and they’re still here!

By Sally Valenti

Il Circolo Exec. V.P. 

Pippa with Great-Grandma 

Sally Valenti

Pippa, Great grandma Sally, and

Grandma Mary Barba (Sally's daughter)



Many years ago, tomato canning was simply, a common, late-summer activity among die-hard homemakers. As time went on, this rewarding chore became less and less appealing because of the intensity of labor involved. "Who has time for that anymore.?" The Barba family does!

Last week-end Grandma Mary Barba, her daughters, P.S. and Nina, and her mother, Sally Valenti, gathered at her house in New Jersey to can tomatoes. This time, she was also joined by her grandchildren, one-year-old, Pippa and one-month-old, Giuliano. This crew now spans four generations!

How fortunate is Sally Valenti who learned how to can tomatoes from her mother-in-law over 60 years ago, passed it on to her daughter, Mary, who passed it on to her daughters who are already exposing their babies to the traditional harvesting process?

The week-end started with Lou Barba who picked up the 10 bushels of really red-ripened plum tomatoes from Corrado’s and then performing all the heavy-weight tasks as needed.

The first session was jarring the skinned whole tomatoes and the next day, the rest of the washed tomatoes were boiled which were then squeezed through a sieve, separating the skins and seeds from the sauce. The resulting thick juice was poured into boiling hot jars and sealed for use during the year.

What joy to see those jars all lined up! Even an Irish friend, Peggy, became intrigued several years ago and still comes to help. Of course, she gets her supply as do P.S. and Nina. A stash of 225 quarts goes a long way, at least until August 2019 when it all will begin again.

Grandparents' Brag Book

Eleven-year-old Justin Langfan with grandfather William Langfan.

Justin Langfan grandson of William K. Langfan a stalwart member of the Battle of the Bulge Annual lunch was sorry he missed the grand event however he was studying for his finals as a sophomore up at Cornell University where he is studying math, physics, and acting. Justin is pictured below with his grandfather at age 11 at a Christmas VBOB luncheon in 2004 or 2005. William Langfan is a resident of Sloan’s Curve Condominium in Palm Beach. Photos were submitted by Justin’s father, Mark Langfan.

Pathfinders Award Recipient


Heather Smith

All Sate Chorus Award

Pathfinders Award

National School Chorus Award

3 years Outstanding Performance and Dedication Award

Grandmothers have a right to brag about their Grandchildren. Ann Ellis is very proud of her Granddaughter Heather Smith. Heather graduated from Wellington High School in May 2016. During her years at Wellington, she performed in their musicals, the latest being Guys and Dolls where she played the part of Sara. The pictures will explain why she is very proud. At a choral banquet in May, Heather received the awards pictured. Heather will be attending FAU in the fall of 2016. 

"Cinderella Birthday" for Her 90th

Maria Dellavalla with the cake.



Photos by Gloria Strain

The coachman stands ready to assist Her Highness out of the coach

Maria Dellavalla, of Cresthaven Crosley, celebrated her 90th birthday on July 26th, with a party fit for a princess, given by her 3 daughters, Marguerite, Renee and Roseana, all of Palm Beach County. They thought of everything. "Princess Maria" arrived in a Cinderella Coach complete with two white horses and a coachman to assist Her Highness. No one knew about the coach until it arrived with Maria. Her "Court" of Crosley residents were on hand to greet her when she arrived and followed her into the "ballroom."

She was dressed in and elegant gown and wore a bejeweled tiara. The two-tiered cake was white with gold trim, a gold "90" on the top and sitting on a round mirrored platform. The base was surrounded by beautiful orchids. Chairs were covered in white satin trimmed in gold. Tables were adorned with beautiful centerpieces.

Entertainment included a singer, a comedian and ballroom dancing. The meal consisted of homemade delicacies provided by the family. Gift bags with tiaras and beads were given to each lady. Since Maria is a huge Bingo fan, Bingo balls, and other Bingo themed items were on the tables.

Maria has 14 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. Her daughters, and some of the grandchildren spoke about how wonderful a mother and grandmother she is. They make up such a lovely family. Maria is originally from New York and has lived in Crosley for more than 20 years.

Grandparents' Brag Book

Arthur and Bernadette Dick of Cresthaven Crosley recently visited their eight great grandchildren in Long Island. Arthur is holding Dylan and Bernadette is holding Reese. Mathew is sleeping in his stroller. L-R: seated in front of Arthur and Bernadette are Ryan, Lana, Emily and Andrew with Lukas in front.

George Loewenstein of Century Village is proud to announce the birth of his 17th Great-grandchild last week in Israel.

Photos by Ellen Loewenstein (George’s Daughter in law)

George’s son, Reuvan Loewenstein (left) is holding his granddaughter yet to be named.

(Right) Sima Loewenstein is Reuvan’s daughter, mother of the baby girl.

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Sherman of Lucerne Pointe are proud to announce the arrival of their first great grandchild Regan Grace. She is the first child of parents Ereca & Nate Eggman of Tuscon, Ariz.


Brad Zaffram is the grandson of Betty Zaffram of Cresthaven Crosley. Brad is a senior at Canisius High School in Buffalo, NY. He plays line backer on the football team.

The local newspaper reported that he is three-time All-WNY first-team pick, his sophomore year at 

Sweet Home and the last two for Canisius. He had 16 tackles in 24-17 win over Cardinal Mooney. Through nine games, he had 91 tackles, including 19 for loss. He is a speedy runner adept at cutting corners. Averaged 12.9 yards per catch. Scored twice on the ground in 27-14 win at Jamestown. He had seven touchdowns.

Caleb Fegon, age 3, 

is the grandson of

Carmen Lopez of 

Cresthaven Crosley.


Photo submitted by Gloria Strain

Joyce Tolbert of Cresthaven Crosley is a very proud great grandmother of Kylee Barnette


Submitted by Gloria Strain

Lucas Sly, age 3, opens a Christmas present. Lucas is the great grandson of Marcy Sly of Cresthaven Crosley.


Submitted by Gloria Strain

Veronica Colon, pictured here at age 5 in 2013, is the great granddaughter of a very proud Brigida Colon of Cresthaven Crosley.


Photo submitted 

by Gloria Strain

Happy 55th Anniversary

Perry and Maryann Wilson celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary on June 28, 2014 by going to dinner at the Capital Grill. They were married on June 28, 1959, in Tuxedo, N.Y. The Wilsons live in Lakeside Village condominiums, Palm Springs, FL

Grandparents' Brag Book

Great granddaughters of Lynn Weingust of Cresthaven Dudley. Big sister Taylor Sheelyn caresses little sister Payton’s hand born on September 29, 2014.


Photo submitted 

by Tony Senzamici

Grandparents' Brag Book 

(L-R) Tsiporah & hubby Moshe Loewenstein, visiting 

from NJ with their grandpa 

George Loewenstein of Century Village, West Palm Beach. 

Condo Art & Poetry Corner

Poems and drawing by Samantha Seeley

Samantha Seeley, 8 years old, is the great granddaughter of Shirlee Robbins of the Fountains in Lake Worth, and the late Leonard Robbins. She is the granddaughter of Patricia Whitehead and the late Dr. E. Douglas Whitehead, and the daughter of Richard and Robin Seeley. Samantha lives with her parents in Richmond, MA.


Those little, tiny, soft things

With their big eyes and silky nose.

They will love to play with your toes,

And are quite joyful, as everyone knows.

They will jump on your lap,

And then they will take a long nap.


Those yellow and white flowers are so brilliantly bright,

That they proudly shine through the night,

They are soft and silky without a doubt,

And are not very stout.

They have a beautiful color that makes me wonder what a flower is all about.

Upon My Branch

As I sit upon my 

branch in the maple tree,

I look up into the sky and 

this is what I see:

Bees buzzing, birds humming, 

and butterflies flying by.

Then I look down to the ground and 

this is what I spy:

A caterpillar chewing on leaves,

A chipmunk gathering nuts and 

climbing trees,

And a teeny, tiny centipede 

weaving through the

grass and weeds.

And that is what I see

Upon my branch in the maple tree.

Grandparents' Brag Book

Bernadette and Arthur Dick of Cresthaven Crosley in West Palm Beach just returned from Long Island after visiting their seven great grandchildren. Bernadette is holding Reese, Arthur is holding Mathew; and front row, l-r are; Ryan, Lana, Lukas, Andrew and Emily.

GREAT BIG Birthday Party 

for Rose Gould's 100th

It was a birthday party. Yes, it was a BIG birthday party. Yes, it was a GREAT BIG Birthday Party with family and friends attending. How big was that Birthday Party? If you were 100 years old and as lively as someone that is just old enough to move into Golden Lakes Village, (55), has as many relatives and friends that care so much about you, would 110 singing "Happy Birthday" answer that question. Thanks to her granddaughter, Staci Gould (right), who planned and supervised this great event, our "one and only" lovely 

Rose Gould was Honored.


Photo & story by Hank Morris, 

Golden Lake Village Ph A

Grandparents' Brag Book

Dorothy Gale Richards was born April 26, 2013. She is the grandchild of Marilyn Weingust of Cresthaven Dudley.

This is a picture of Tony Senzamici, of Cresthaven Dudley, playing Santa Claus with all the great-grandkids (4 months to 14 years) at Christmas time. "Only one child knew it was me and it wasn’t the oldest. Their power of observation is fantastic, LOL." says Tony.

Mitzi & Frank Domotor with their grandson Michael and his wife Eren (not pictured) and their great granddaughters ... Oma holding Ella, 1 month old, and Gabrielle, 6 years old with Opa in North Carolina.The Domotors live in Century Village, West Palm Beach.

Frank and Mitzi Domotor of Century Village hold bragging rights this week. They are pictured with their granddaughter Holly Ower and 2 year old great grandson Dylan. His dad, Matthew Ower took this picture of Dylan on his pony Macarony. Dylan will have a baby brother or sister in February 2014.

Al and Alice Roth of Wellington G are the proud Grandparents of our newest Grandchild, Lexi Hope Roth, born August 10, 2013. 

The proud parents are 

Navy Commander 

Jarret and Darlene Roth

Of Hoboken, New Jersey.

One month old Ella, 

great grandchild of 

Mitzi & Frank Domotor 

of Century Village, 

lives in North Carolina 

with parents Michael & Eva, 

She is being held by 6 year old sister Gabrielle.

Parents' Brag Book

Arnie and Maddy Dickerman of Covered Bridge in Lake Worth, celebrated the engagement of their youngest son Jayson to Stephanie  (pictured at right) in Boston, MA, in September, 2013.


Photo by Arnie Dickerman


Grandparents' Brag Book

Bragging rights are carried over for Tony & Joan Senzamici of Cresthaven Dudley on the birth of their great grandson Mason Bagger. He was born Oct. 24 and weighed 6lb 11oz. (Reported in the Condo News Oct. 30, 2013 issue.)

Bragging rights again belong to Tony & Joan Senzamici of Cresthaven Dudley on the birth of their grandson Noah Alexander Bagger. (Reported in the Oct. 16, 2013 issue of Condo News.)

Liam Asher Petruelo 10 lbs 8 oz with 

great grandma Joan Senzamici. The Senzamici’s live in 

Cresthaven Dudley.

Submitted by Tony Senzamici

Happy 100th Birthday!

Eleanor Higgins was 100 on April 22, 2013. She has been a resident of Crosley East at Cresthaven since 1975. She was given a wonderful party for over 50 friends and family.

Photo submitted by Barbara Noles, niece

Happy 104th Birthday!

Gwen Fowler, formerly from Barkley Drive East in Cresthaven, will turn 100 on February 4th, 2013. Gwen now lives at Cresthaven East Assisted Living.

Photo by Erin Etheridge

Grandparents' Brag Book

Destiny Marie, 1 year old this past May, is the granddaughter of 

Cindy Kane & Arnold Rotenberg of Shelton, CT, and the 

Great-grand daughter of 

Sydelle Banks of 

Century Village, WPB.

Poetry Corner

A Poem For Grandma On Her 69th Birthday

by Harrison Seeley

Harrison Seeley is the grandson 

of Shirlee Robbins of the

 Fountains in Lake Worth. 

"Misses Golf Lady"

I see my Grandmother play,

I tell her, "No, no the other way."

I went to camp and said goodbyes,

When I got home I couldn’t believe my eyes,

She was hitting it far with pride.

I asked her, "Is this true?

You’re hitting the ball through."

She said, "My, my I can’t believe my eyes,

But I am telling you; it’s not a lie."

Oh my, you’re so good, go buy clubs of wood

"Should I?" Grandma replied.

"You should because you’re so good."

— Harrison Seeley

Bragging Rights 

this week (8/22/12) 

belong to 

Arnie Dickerman 

whose grandchildren

 Paige & Andrew 

were visiting 

from Long Island, 

accompanied by their 

Uncle Jayson.


Photo by Arnie Dickerman

Peri Blass, of Flushing, NY 

born on May 22nd. 

Proud Great Grandparents are Toby & Jerry Jacobs 

of Century Village, WPB


Photo submitted

by Dot Loewenstein

Lou Greenberg’s namesake, 

Jack "Leibush". Jack lives in 

Hong Kong and although he is named in Hebrew after his 

Great- Grandpa, he looks just like his Great-Grandma, who was blonde haired and blue eyed and always smiling. Jack is the nephew of Maddy Greenberg of 3360 S. Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach. Lou Greenberg is Maddy's late father.

Brynn welcomes her brother Dennis, born May 22, 2012. 

They are the great grandchildren 

of Jerry & Fay Chernin 

of Cypress Lakes.

Mr. and Mrs. Nate Eggman 

will celebrate their first wedding anniversary June 25th. 

Erica is the granddaughter of 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Sherman 

of Lucerne Pointe in Lake Worth.

Margot Loewenstein of Century Village in West Palm Beach spent Passover in Israel with son Steve and his wife Ellen and their 4 married children. Pictured above is the family. In the center of group holding the two newest great grandkids (Sima’s 2nd daughter Tamar, and Shira’s 2nd son Nosson) is great grandma Margot.

Stephanie Kane, from CT, graduated from University of  Miami with a BS on May 16. She is the 22 year old granddaughter of Sydelle Banks, Century Village

Mitzi & Frank Domotor proudly present their granddaughter Kentra who graduated from high school and will attend college in Itaca, New York, and will major in music and theater.

"We love her," says Mitzi.


Tyler Anthony Bagger 

was born on Feb 2 2012 

at 12:04 PM , 8 lbs. 7 oz.. 

He is the grandson of 

Tony and Joan Senzamici 

of Cresthaven Dudley.

Celebrating 100th Birthday

Helena Phillips (100) 

is a resident of  

Boundbrook Condo Association in West Palm Beach

"Live life to the fullest," advises 100 year old Helena Phillips. The West Palm Beach resident was born in 1911 in Ipswich, Massachusetts, but moved to and was raised in Lynn, Massachusetts. She’s been a South Florida resident for 6 years. Most of her adult professional life was spent as an elementary school teacher, but also included stints of teaching Latin to middle school students.

What are her keys to longevity?

"I was fortunate, worked hard and have good genes," the sprightly Phillips said. She reads frequently and enjoys working crossword puzzles and cryptographs. On occasion, she’ll enjoy wine when going out for dinner. A mother of 2, she was married for over 40 years.

Grandparents' Brag Book

Josephine "Josie" Hartman, great granddaughter of Margie Campbell of Century Village in West Palm Beach, lives with her parents Neil and Dawna Hartman in Erie, PA. Josie will be a year old in March.

Mitzi & Frank Domotor of Century Village, WPB, were presented with a beautiful new great grandson on August 12th. His name is Dylan Lewis of South Carolina. "Our family is growing and we love them all," says Great-Grandmother Mitzi Domotor.

It’s finally my turn, as grandmother Murph Stone, to brag about my young gymnast granddaughter, Mel. Her team of young athlete’s attended the Gym at Santaluce’s High School (she is still in grade School). Last year she was in gymnastic level 2—this year she is in level 5!

There were approximately 100 Gymnasts participating this time. The surprising final result at this meet was seeing Mel attain First Place Award for her team, not once, but three times out of the four possible award presentations any contestant might be eligible to receive! Three first place awards –and she’s only in elementary school and a great student in her class!

I will keep you posted about my grandson’s sports endeavors—he, too is athletically competitive and most capable scholastically! We have been blessed! Thank you for reading the Condo News, and following my articles.

(Murph Stone lives in Buttonwood West in Greenacres. She writes a column in the Condo News for her community.)

Brynn Chanel Wolford, 

20 months old, 

is the great granddaughter of 

Jerry & Fay Chernin of 

Cypress Lakes. 

Brynn lives in 

Gaithersburg, MD.

Helen Siegler, Century Village, WPB, Celebrating 100th Birthday

By Dot Loewenstein

On October 11th, I was honored to be invited to a 100-year-old’s birthday party. This was for Helen Siegler, who lives across the street from us. Her daughter Janet Cohen came in from Michigan and son Richard came from Miami Beach. Among the friends sharing her celebration were neighbors Esther Simons, Tony Nunziella, Viveca Klein, Aida Feliciano, and Dolores Sodano. The synagogue that is within walking distance from her home had a room available, and decorations were contributed by Esther Simons.

We first met Helen in her daily walk around the neighborhood and learned that she was an artist as well as resident cartoonist for the UCO Reporter at that time. If her friends complained that an issue did not include one of her cartoons, she would immediately contact me, and often leave four or five more on my doorknob as a strong hint.

Two of her paintings are hanging now in our clubhouse South corridor. When you enter the building for a movie, show, or meeting, take a few moments to turn left and look for those with her name - they are lovely. Helen also donated one for our clubhouse library, and it has been hanging up there for several years. It adds charm to the environment for those of us working there, as well as newcomers visiting.

Photos below by Dot Loewenstein.

Birthday baby, Helen Siegler, greeted by Sandy Grussgott, president of Anshei Shalom synagogue where the party was held on October 11, the actual birthday date. (Food was catered by a Boca firm)

Son Richard Siegler, 

from Miami Beach


Janet Cohen, 

from Michigan


Connie Kurtz is well known for her quilting abilities

Grandparents' Brag Book

Harrison Seeley, 8 years old, is the great grandson of Shirley Robbins of the Fountains Condominium in Lake Worth. Harrison is a student at the Richmond Consolidated School in Richmond, MA, and plays flag football for the CRA Bears. He is the quarterback. This spring, Harrison won second place in the 23rd Annual Massachusetts Science Poetry Contest sponsored by Boston College Students in which students in grades K thru 8 participated. His poem was in the "Original" category.

The poems will be published in a book and winners received ribbons, certificates and books. Below is Harrison’s poem.


by Harrison Seeley

Rockets take off in a boom!

They split the sky in two.

It’s a very cool sight,

To see them at night,

They even land on the moon, too.

Eitan Blumenthal, not quite 3 months old, is hard at work. When he’s finished, he is going to show great-grandfather, Bernard Weixelbaum of Cresthaven Fernley IV, how to use a computer. Right now, he’s busy giving his grandfather (Bernard’s son, Elia, a PHD in Computer Science) a few pointers.


Pretty little Ahuva Wolpin, of Israel, not quite a year old, recently welcomed by great grandfather George Loewenstein and great grandmother Margot Loewenstein, both of Century Village, West Palm Beach. This brings great grandkids to a total of twelve.


Photo by mom - Sima Wolpin



Devon Klausner, a Junior at John I. Leonard High School in Greenacres, FL, is pictured with his second place trophy that he won at the state competition of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) in Orlando. 

He will compete in the National Finals at the end of June. 

Devon is the grandson of Perry 

and Maryann Wilson of 

Lakeside Village in Palm Springs.

Bernard Weixelbaum 

has bragging rights this week. 

Pictured with his son Elia is his new great-grandson 

Eitan Yitzchak Blumenthal.

Bernard Weixelbaum writes for the Jewish War Veterans Post 520 

for the Condo News.

Proud grandparents, Sheila and Bob Bell, winter residents at Century Village in West Palm Beach, welcomed their fourth grandchild, Jagger Jason Evancik, born March 31st in Philadelphia, PA, where they spend their summer months. Bob writes the Century Village Baby Boomer Club column for the Condo News.

Celebrating 98th Birthday

Photo by Jimmy Shirley

Gwen Fowler, Cresthaven East resident, celebrated her 98th birthday Feb. 4, 2011,  with family members. On Sunday, Feb. 6th, her former neighbors from Cresthaven Barkley, many of whom are Red Hatters, gathered at Cresthaven East to celebrate with her. Gwen is pictured above with her granddaughter, Erin Etheridge, and her great-grandson, Steve Etheridge, both of Chicago, IL. The Etheridges traveled to West Palm Beach on Feb. 1st aboard one of the last flights out of Chicago just before the blizzard that paralyzed much of the nation hit.

Paul Dolbashian, age 3, is the grandson of Alice Dolbashian of Century Village in West Palm Beach. "He is a very smart boy and has big blue eyes," says Alice. Paul lives with his parents in Rhode Island

4 Generations

Counter clockwise from right: 

Great Grandma Fay Chernin, Grandma Ethel Putnam, blonde Mother Linda Wolford, with Baby Brynn Wolford. Fay Chernin lives with husband Jerry at Cypress Lakes in West Palm Beach. The couple distribute the Condo News in West Palm Beach and Lake Worth.


Celebrating 100th B-Day ~ 4 Generations ~ 

Mrs. Sarah Sholinsky celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends at the Crosley (Cresthaven) Clubhouse on August 14, 2010. Her actual birthday will be on Sept. 7th but the party was early in order that the great grandchildren could attend before the start of their schools. She had family come from Glen Cove, N.Y., Maryland, Springfield, Va. and various places in Fl. Her grandson, Gary Rifkin, was in charge of the entertainment and her great grandchildren, Hannah Feinberg and Jack Rifkin sang.

Wedding Announcement

Bragging rights, this week (Condo News, June 30-July 13, 2010) belong to Bernard Weixelbaum of Cresthaven Fernley IV, and writer of the JWV 520 column appearing in the Condo News. He says:

I had the rare pleasure and honor of attending the wedding of my granddaughter, Leah Weixelbaum, of West Orange, NJ to Joseph Blumenthal of Brooklyn, NY, on Sunday, June 13 at a catering hall in Staten Island, a point believed to be approximately equidistant between the two family homes. Leah just graduated on May 26 from Yeshiva University’s Stern College in commencement exercises held at New York’s’ Madison Square Garden. The groom is currently attending Yeshiva University’s graduate school. The young couple is planning to spend some time in August here in Florida with my wife Dickie and me.

Bernard Weixelbaum with his granddaughter, Leah.

The Bride & Groom, 

Leah and Joseph Blumenthal


90th Birthday

 Laura Wagman, of Cresthaven Barkley, celebrated her 90th birthday in March, 2010. She was so happy that her son Ronald Wagman organized a flight from Massachussets for seven of her great grandchildren. They all celebrated a beautiful birthday with Laura. Pictured above, from top, l-r; Matthew, Bryan, Cole, Laura, Ryann, Jason, Brice and Lexi.

Justin Schwartz of Wayne, NJ, is the son of Joan Schwartz and the grandson of Joan Friedland of the Fountains, Lake Worth, FL. Justin has written a book entitled Great at a Greater Cost about a young ballplayer who finds the strangest way of getting into the Major Leagues and how, unfortunately, he later winds up going down a dark path towards steroids. The book was  published by Manny Luftglass: mannyfishing@msn.com.

Joseph & Michael DiCostanzo of Virginia Beach, VA, are the grandsons of Rod and Martha Ripp of Century Village, Dover C, West Palm Beach. Both boys are Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do.

Bragging Rights this week belong to 4 generations of the Dick family: Baby Lucas, Brendan Dick (father), Richard Dick (grandfather), and Arthur Dick (great-grandfather). Great grandparents Arthur and Bernadette Dick live in Cresthaven Villas, West Palm Beach.

Frank & Mitzi Domotor enjoyed their great granddaughter, 3-year-old Gabrielle, in North Carolina while visiting for the holidays. The Domotors are residents of Century Village in West Palm Beach, FL. "We just love her and the family," said Mitzi.

Max Jacob Fliegel, pictured at 1 month old, was born July 10, 2009. He is clearly having a great time with his dad Brett Fliegel. Max is the great grandson of Roslyn Levin of Century Village, Oxford, in West Palm Beach, FL.

Zoe Kayris Petreulo,  born on December 5, 2009, at 10:30am, is the great granddaughter of Tony Senzamici, Condo News columnist for Cresthaven Dudley, West Palm Beach, FL. Tony is beside himself with pride. Her name, Zoe, is Greek for "Life." 

Bragging rights this week (Sept. 23, 2009) belong to Arthur and Bernadette Dick of Cresthaven Crosley in West Palm Beach, FL. Pictured above are their grandchildren with their new great-grandchildren. (L-R) Brendan & Kelly Dick with Baby Lucas, and Stephanie & Bryan Fleming with Baby Andrew.

Seth Piskiel, 15 months old, is the great grandson of Florence Bernstein of Century Village Wellington in West Palm Beach. Seth lives in New Mexico with his parents, Greg and Romona Piskiel, grandchildren of Florence.

Michael Johnathan Rosenman, grandson of Harriet and Larry Rosenman of Golden Lakes Village, graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University Sunday, May 17th. He was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa, the Phi Kappa Phi and the Sigma XI. He was also inducted into the College Honor Society and University Honors Society. Michael was recognized as the Outstanding Student of the 2009 Graduating Class. He will be attending the University of Pennsylvania where he will pursue his Masters and Doctorate Degrees in Physics. The following Thursday, his mother, Diane Ragosa Rosenman, received her LLM, Master of Law, from Temple University.

Leigh Robin LaGrosa (pictured at 10 months) is the granddaughter of Diane Shapiro, Condo News columnist for Village Royale on the Green in Boynton Beach. Leigh surely must be caught up in the politics of the times. Could she possibly be campaigning on her own platform of "Power to the Little People?"

Brady Aleck Spetz  is 28 pounds at 14 months of age. He parents hope he grows up to be a musician or a football player. His grandparents, Christel and Dennis Spetz of Stratford H in Century Village hope he develops both skills and becomes a piano mover.

Jessica, age 18, is the granddaughter of Elba and Irwin Branfman of Century Village, West Palm Beach, with a promising future and true love from them.

Caleb Shirley (age 15 months in photo)  is pictured with his Grandpa Jimmy Shirley of the Condo News. Caleb is the son of Joshua Shirley and Melissa Lubeck of Watertown, N.Y. Caleb turned 2 in April.

Sophia and Victoria Shirley (ages 3 & 6 in the photo) are granddaughters of Jimmy Shirley of the Condo News

The girls turned 4 & 7 in April and May. They are the daughters of Luke (LaBelle, Fl) & Phyllis (Philadelphia, Pa) Shirley. 

Julia Nordstrom, 2 years old, is the great-granddaughter of Beatrice Sussman of Century Village, West Palm Beach. Julia lives in St. Petersburg, FL.

Gabrielle is the great-granddaughter of Frank and Mitzi Domotor of Century Village, West Palm Beach. She is their pride and joy.

Nicole & Jessica Pemberton are the grandchildren of Ralph & Kathy Colella of Century Village, WPB.

Photos in the Grandparents' Brag Book first appeared in the print version of the Condo News. To submit your photo for publication in the Grandparents' Brag Book, send it to the Condo News, P.O. Box 109, West Palm Beach, FL 33402. If you want the photo returned, please provide us with a self addressed, stamped envelope. 

New Feature

Happy Anniversary

Esther and Elmer Lasilla of Cresthaven Crosley, West Palm Beach, celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary on December 16th, 2010. The couple have three children: Daughter Donna Rishell, married to Earl, formerly of Boca Raton, now of Lancaster, PA: Son Elmer of Pittsburgh, PA; Daughter Linda Weir of Port St. Lucie, FL. 

They have 6 grandchildren and 

12 great-grandchildren. 


File photo by Betty Thomas

Ron & Madge Gagg (Woodlakes in Greenacres) will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on July 30, 2010. They are looking forward to celebrating on a cruise with their loving family.

Maryann and Perry Wilson were married 51 years ago on June 18, 1959 in Tuxedo, N.Y. They moved to Florida in 1990 and are now residents of Lakeside Village in Palm Springs. They have 3 children and 4 grandson.



Have you written an essay you would like printed in the Condo News?

Copy must be typed, double-spaced, no more than 1½ pages long, with title and by-line. Send your essay to the Condo News, P.O. Box 15826, West Palm Beach, FL 33416. The Condo News reserves the right to edit for space and to reject any essay for subject matter. Sorry, we cannot accept poems. For further information call (561) 471-0329



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The Condo News print newspaper is published every other Wednesday. It is circulated throughout Palm Beach County, from Delray to North Palm Beach, and from Singer Island, Palm Beach and South Palm Beach to Royal Palm Beach, in Condominium, Cooperative and Home Owner Association Communities. For more information, or to have the Condo News  brought to your community, e-mail us or write to: P.O. Box 15826, West Palm Beach, FL 33416. Tel:(561) 471-0329