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Welcome to CN's TCCA News

On This Page:

• Gone Fishin' Shirley Men's Style

• Il Circolo Bocce Tournament

• Village Royale on the Greene Bocce Teams

• Gone Fishin' by Manny Luftglass

• Century Village Sunfish Sailors

• CenWest Fishing Club News

Last Updated 05/26/2021

Gone Fishin' Shirley Men's Style

Photo by Betty Thomas

On Thursday, August 18, Condo News photographer joined his three brothers and their father for a day of fishing and fraternizing aboard the Cortez Deep Sea Fishing Boat out of Anna Maria Island, Bradenton Beach, FL. Pictured are (l-r) Jimmy Shirley and brother Jerry, dad Jim Sr., brothers Tommy and Vance. The trip was in celebration of Jim Sr.’s 91st birthday. It was the first time the 5 have been fishing together in around 50 years.

Il Circolo Holds First Bocce Tournament

By Sally Valenti

We’ll make our own court.

Get it close.

Measure it right, ladies.

Which is closer, Marco?

Measure it right, ladies.

Kids had fun, too.

Il Circolo, the Italian Cultural Society of the Palm Beaches, held its first bocce tournament on March 29th at the John Prince Park in Lake Worth. Members and guests were invited to bring their young famillies to enjoy a picnic lunch at the Osbourne Pavillion next to the childrens’ area where the little ones escaped to ride climb, swing and frolic while the adults ate and talked. The bocce tournament was to be held on the courts just in back of the pavillion. However, there were no courts! Without any notice to Marco Capoccia, Program Chairman, who arranged the event in December, they removed the courts just one week before the 29th.

Equipped with two sets of bocce balls and eager players ready to go, what do you do? As resourceful as Italians can be, twigs were laid down as barriers and 2 courts were improvised on the grass for the contest.

With the help of chairperson, Antonella Brancato and her husband Dominic, everyone was amply and deliciously fed from the set-up barbecue, the make-shift bocce contest was held, the children had fun and a beautiful Sunday afternoon was enjoyed by all and Marco promised that next season bocce will be played on a real bocce court!


Village Royale on the Greene 

Bocce Teams

American Team

Members of the Canadian Team




Manny Luftglass

Manny Luftglass (above) and his wife Karen own a townhome in the Fountains in Lake Worth, FL. They travel south to it from New Jersey as often as possible. Manny spends most of the winter in Florida fishing. He is the author of "Gone Fishin" For Beginners". Mr. Luftglass writes this column for the Condo News print newspaper.

2014 - 2015 Season

(April 29, 2015)


Hi Condo News readers, and while I’m saying hi, & let me also say "bye" for a while because, as of this typing, 4/25, Karen and I are back in N. J. ‘til November. So here’s wishing you (AND US) a hurricane-free season, okay?

And now for the final report until November.- I got out three times since my last column, twice on the Helen S VI from Pompano Beach and once on the Bar Jack from Lantana. As usual, I caught a gang of modest-sized fish but since that was what I was after, I again enjoyed myself greatly.

The first outing was on the 14th on the Helen S and I caught eight porgies along with a keeper-sized yellowtail snapper as well as another 22 fish. The porgy catch was kind of unusual because among twenty other anglers there was only one more porgy taken but again, that’s because my three-hook "guppy rig" is key to my success.

Next was on the Bar Jack and I caught my heaviest fish of of the season, not a "keeper" because it was a "bonito", a/k/as false albacore, but at ten pounds or so, by any name, it sure was fun to catch. I also boated twenty other fish, but to be technical, make that read "19 & 1/4 quarter other fish. The "1/4" was the head of a vermillion snapper that a monster of the deep took a liking to. Ten feet off bottom, my little fish got much, much bigger as a shark or who-knows what ate it!

Last time out was on the Helen S and for the first time this season, a rain-storm hit us thirty minutes before the trip ended, doggonit, and I got kind of drenched. However, I still managed to boat 28 critters including three yellowtails, and three porgies.

See ya’ in November, for now, it’s "scuze me, gone fishin’", up north.


(April 15, 2015)

Bottom Action Continues

Besides the usual bottom bite that is always present out of our local inlets, a few cobia have been biting too and that makes for lots of fun. For example, I was at the dock of the Lady K on Friday the 10th, waiting for the boat to come in because I was going out on her afternoon sailing. Well, many of the anglers were happy to put their feet on dry land because the ocean was kind of rough. But still others were just plain happy because they caught some nice fish. Three of the fishermen caught cobia that went anywhere from 20+ pounds to 34 pounds or so. And two others got keeper-sized king mackerel. One nice mutton snapper was also boated along with a half-dozen yellowtail snappers and other bottom dwellers.

When I’m at the dock, awaiting the boat’s arrival, 90% of the watchers are anxious to see what was caught and many of them determine whether they are going out in the afternoon based on what the a. m. trip produced. And I tell anyone who will listen that I prefer to see a bad catch for the morning because that often means that the p. m. trip will be a good one. I base my thinking on the simple fact that the tide swings every six hours and when a good tide produces, the next one will often not produce at all, and vice-versa.

Well, good a. m. meant bad p. m. doggonit! My afternoon tally included nine, count them 9! remora/shark-suckers. No, that wasn’t good at all. Sure, I like action of any kind but I exclude from my likes, way at the top of my not-like list, remoras and this was the most that I ever caught on a single trip. I also had to release a nice but out of season graysby grouper, a short flounder, three too-small triggerfish, one blue runner, and I put five fish in the bucket- two sand eels, two porgies and a white grunt. I’m heading north on the 23rd and hope to do better the next few times before hearing the auto-train’s "choo-choo."

The trip before, on the 6th, like the expression goes, "I got good news and bad news." First, the good news- I caught SEVENTEEN vermillion snappers that day. And now for the bad news- None of them reached the twelve inch size limit so all had to be released. I also had to release a brilliantly colored hog snapper, a protected species.

Two earlier outings produced some nice fish for me though, including a dinner-for-two file fish and two keeper vemillion snappers and a few keeper triggers.

See ya’ once more before heading north.

Scuze me, gone fishin’


(April 1, 2015)


That said, before a fishing report, I want to thank the Boynton Inlet Fishing Club for inviting me to give a talk to their members on the 24th. My usual measure of success involves looking first for folks who fall asleep and then I count yawns. Frankly, either I did okay or didn’t look carefully enough but neither problem did I see! Several listeners said they read Gone Fishin’ in Condo News and I’m not sure they were all club members so hopefully, the club will get some new members courtesy of this newspaper.

Each one present was given a three hook package of the Mustad hooks I use when I tie my guppy rigs and hopefully, enough will remember my instructions and go out and get some critters next time out.

Here’s the last count from your fearless writer. Weather restricted me to only get out three times since my prior column but each outing was again, quite enjoyable. On the 15th I was in the rear corner of the Fish City Pride out of Pompano Beach and banged out a total of 28 fish, including four small but prior to 1/1, legal grouper that went out of season as the year’s changed. This killed me because I really like to eat them! I also had two nice porgies and a wide variety of other bottom dwellers.

Then on the 18th, in a mob scene caused by Spring Break on the Lady K, I managed to still catch 26 fish and one was a legal and yummy file fish. I had another pair of porgies, four triggerfish and five vermillion snappers among the other critters. Last time out was on the Lady K out of Lantana again on the 23rd and this time I boated two file fish, one the legit kind and the other the more colorful and therefore, illegal variety. The one that I took home was fully 3-lbs. For the third time in a row, I had a pair of porgies and this time I also caught two legal yellowtail snappers.

Again, the rig was a six-ounce sinker holding down three snelled size 2/0 Mustad hooks that I baited with a small strip of squid combined with a little piece of filleted "speedo." or sardine.

Scuze me, gone fishin’.


(March 18, 2015)


Steady readers of Gone Fishin’ know that I generally only fish on one of three boats when in Florida. There are two others out of Hypoluxo but for no good reason whatsoever, I haven’t been on either one this season. I used to fish a boat out of Boynton and two others that sailed from Riviera Beach and Jupiter but frustration took over my brain and I complained to you readers about what was bothering me after giving up trying to convince the skippers of those boats to play nice. You see, I love to fish at either end of the boat in order to do my favorite style of fishing, "Guppy-rigging". And the main captains of those boats also love to fish, and they too love to fish in the rear end where I really, really want to stand and do business. For sure, there is no reason for them to not fish in the middle with their customers but, at least back three years or so, they fished the back end and I wrote about it in this newspaper, and each skipper banned me from their boats when they heard about my written words. Frankly, it was no loss because I had grown weary of their "style" anyway.

Fast forward to nowadays. You steady readers know that I love to fish on either of the two Pompano Beach boats, the Helen S VI and the Fish City Pride but more often than not, you can find me on the Lady K out of Lantana. I always catch fish on these boats and more often than not, I get one end of the boat or the other to do my fishing from.

A mate on the Lady K asked me a question last week that took me by surprise, but quick thinking on my part helped me answer it politely. He wanted to know if I could mention his name in my column from time to time. My answer was that I love to fish on the Lady K and have no preference for which crew was working that day, therefore, if I told you his name, I would have to tell you the names of all four mates and both skippers who work on that boat. In particular, omitting the name really helped me on the 2nd when for no good reason whatsoever, I had my worst outing of the year, only catching two fish on a day that he was mating. And on the other hand, this nice young man was one of the three-person crew on 3/12 when I had a truly wonderful day! I caught four kinds of snappers, ten in total, along with the largest number of porgies I had ever caught on the Lady K, an even dozen to 3-lbs, plus a mess of other fish to a total of 35 in all.

I fished the Lady K another day on the 9th with the other crew and that day too, was very good, in which I swung 38 fish over the rails. Down to the south, I was on the Helen S VI on the 6th and we fished deep, 400+ feet of water, for blueline tile fish. I caught four of them along with two small true golden tile fish, the first ones I ever caught in Florida and while modest in size, I ate one that night for a truly wonderful meal. I also caught another fifteen fish that day.

I will demonstrate my guppy-rig style at the 3/24 meeting of the Boynton Beach Fishing Club at 7:30 p. m. (2210 N. Federal Hwy at the Harvey Oyer Park Clubhouse.) Non-members are also welcome to this free event but you may want to kick a few bucks in to help the club out. As long as my supply will last, I will give every one in attendance a sealed baggie containing three of the Mustad size 2/0 model #9174NP-BN hooks. Oh yeah, I will have a supply of my various books on hand for anyone wanting to buy one or two. See ya’ there.

Scuze me, gone fishin’.


March 4, 2015


But before talking about bottom fishing in the ocean, a few words about my discovery of a few German carp lurking in the drainage/detention ponds that run through the Fountains Golf Course. Last time out, I told you that I noticed three of them swimming near Fountains Drive. Well, I’ve spied one or more two other times and, while none have responded to the pieces of bread that I’ve thrown in, nor some kernels of corn, I still am excited to know that my old favorite, "Mr. Man", is only five minutes away from my front door. More on that next time, but suffice it to say that I will throw lots more bread and corn in while trying to get them onto such a diet.

And down the shore, the wind continues to hamper most anglers’ comfort but other than when it really cranks to 20-25 m. p. h. or more, the boats have been sailing just about every day. This doesn’t mean that all anglers return to the dock with happy faces though. Some almost look like they want to kiss the ground and more than a few lose some weight tossing their cookies into the ocean.

I’ve been out twice since we last met and, as usual, caught quite a few fish. The first time was on the Lady K out of Lantana with good friend Art Dolgan alongside of me. We didn’t have a good spot along the rail though, with three guys to our right and lots more to the left, meaning that tangles took place more than one would like. However, we boated 15+ fish between us with Art boating our biggest again, a 3-lb trigger. I caught a 2+ lb trigger myself but it was one of those "Queen" triggers that must be released.

Next time was on the Fish City Pride from Pompano Beach and I had the top spot on the boat, the rear corner, and this really helped me catch loads of fish. Once more, the rig was a 4 to 6 ounce bank sinker with three size 2/0 hooks spread so that each falls separate from the other. The hooks are baited with either a small piece of cut bonito ("false albacore" up north), or a sandwich of a piece of cut squid and small bit of fillet of sardine.

Here’s my score card for 2/27: 35 fish, including two vermillion snappers, one yellowtail snapper, five triggerfish, six porgies, five grunt, four sand eels, one lizard fish, a graysby and a red grouper, three sand perch, four blue runners, a flounder and one pork fish. Action? You bet!!

Scuze me, gone fishin’.

February 18, 2015


Karen and I spend nearly half the year at the Fountains in Lake Worth and, while I really love my freshwater action up north in the summer, I virtually never try the land of sweetwater down here. The saltwater action is too much fun for me. But every now and then, I walk to a chunk of the golf course pond and try my luck. Two weeks ago, I tossed a "Double-Loon" gold size two spinner in a bunch of times and got nailed four times. Normally, I swing and miss more often than not but that half-hour produced four hits, swings, and catches. They were, in order, a 13 inch, then a 14 inch, and next a 15 inch, and lastly, another 13 inch largemouth bass. Fun!

But maybe, just maybe, I may be in a path to bring me far more fun. For more years than I care to admit, my favorite fish was always the critter I call "Mr. Man", a/k/a carp. I gave them that name because, once hooked, they pull like a man (sorry, women), and fight like the dickens.

Well, recently, in my little walks throughout the community, I had noticed some very familiar swirls taking place in the water on both side of Fountains Drive. And one day, looking more carefully, I actually saw, for the first time ever in Florida, three, count them, three, "Mr. Mans" to what looked like a top of 15 lbs or so!

So I went to Publix and bought a few cans of corn and a loaf of bread and the next day, I "chummed" the spot I saw the fish with a few slices of bread. No response followed but undaunted, I tried again for a few more days. I saw swirls at least one other day and for sure, did see a few carp but still, "nuttin’ honey."

One day soon, I will attach a small piece of cork to a line, put a little hook on, and then add a few kernels of corn and give it a go. I will try it at least two or three days and if something happens, if that corn gets inhaled and Mr. Man swims away, with drag screaming, the next sound you may hear is the writer of "Gone Fishin" yelling like all get out!

Until then though, I still am catching fish in the ocean. One day, on the Lady K. I caught a five-fish limit of keeper vermillion snappers while a bunch of guys were catching king mackerel to a top of nearly 30-lbs! Action too has been good to the south on the Pompano boats but Mr. Man beckons and if I get an inhale of my corn, I may spend a lot more hours seeking Mr. Man!

Scuze me, gone fishin’.

February 4, 2015

Action, inshore or offshore.

Hi readers - Lots of action is going on in the ocean and whether you are fishing inshore or off, fish are biting. You just need to know what to do in order to hook up. I’ve been out three times since we last met. The first time was on the Lady K out of Lantana and joining me up in the bow was my good friend, Art Dolgan, long-time member and past-president of the fabled Newark Bait & Fly Casting Club. It was a bit breezy and chilly but still we boated 45 fish or so between us on our "guppy" rigs. Art had our biggest, a slab of a trigger fish that must have weighed between three and four pounds. I caught my second ever goat fish, a strange looking pink critter with two long barbels hanging down from its mouth. Funny looking for sure but Captain Bruce told me that it is one of the best eating fish in the ocean! We also caught and released a dozen yellowtails.’

Trip #2 was on the Fish City Pride from Pompano Beach. The wind was cranking hard from land and the westerly blow created a fairly flat ocean but it sure blew us out quickly. Captain Dwight pulled us way into 25 feet of water at times and cranked the engines back up once we moved out into 100 feet. I had my best porgy catch of the year, with seven in all, in addition to four nice lane snappers and a gang of other bottom dwellers. Here again, the deal was guppy rigs with three snelled hooks dangling down. Hook #3 always hangs below the sinker and this was, as it usually is, the hook that all seven porgies took. It is my opinion that porgies feed while facing down and therefore, the bait they see and attack is the offering that is on my bottom size 2/0 live bait hook. There may have been one other porgy caught on the boat that day, proving, "in spades", why a guppy rig with hook dropping below the sinker works! Sure, I hang that hook up once or thrice each trip and may lose a rig but, hey, you do what you gotta’ do.

My last trip was again on the Fish City. Captain Dwight took us offshore into 420 feet of water for my first blueline tile fish trip of the season. It was far from great but still, with the same guppy rig but this time on a stiff rod with my reel loaded with braided line, I boated six tilefish. Two were nice sized too, 3 and 4 lbs. I also kept one nice vermillion snapper and release 11 that were undersized. I also caught a bank sea bass and the tiniest flounder I ever saw.

See ya’ next time, and remember, tie a foot-long leadered size 2/0 hook into your rig on a dropper loop, three inches about the heavy bank sinker, so that the bait dangles back and forth across the bottom as the boat drifts in the tide. Betcha’ catch more fish on that hook!

Scuze me, gone fishin’

January 7, 2015


Well, as of 1/1, fishing for grouper down our way is closed shut. Closed that is unless you catch one of the very few and rare family members that are still legal like snowy grouper. But as we moved into ’15, a grouper that is illegal to keep 365 days a year was actually caught on the Lady K out of Lantana and I saw some film that sure proved it to me in the Lady K office. On Thursday, an angler hooked and brought to the surface a "Goliath grouper", estimated to weight well over 100 pounds. The fish was released safely, of course, but it got the bends and took a long time to gulp air into its lungs and head on down to the bottom. Neat!

The season reopened on 1/1 for triggerfish and porgies and that’s good news.

I’ve only been out twice since we last met because Karen and I went to Houston to visit with her family over the Christmas holiday and each outing produced the usual excellent catch.

Trip number one was on the 29th and it was my first outing of the season on the Helen S VI out of Pompano Beach. The drive is way to the south and therefore, not to my liking, but often, if not every time, I catch more fish. One reason is that the boat ride is only two minutes to the inlet down there, giving me lots more fishing time. But another is that the reef structure may be more dense. So here is the box score for me: 16 varieties of fish were lifted into the boat, the largest number I can ever remember nailing. 45 fish in all were caught on my guppy rig.

The biggest fish of the year that I have hooked was lost though, doggonit. I was reeling a fish up and it got grabbed! Shark? Maybe, but something big took and ran and even though I was using 30 lb. test mono, it snapped my line! I did catch a 5-6 lb. shark though along with two porgies, six little but still legal graysby and coney grouper, along with many of the usual small bottom dwellers ’Twas fun.

Then on 1/2, in the biggest crowd of the year, I was on the Lady K way up in the pointy end and managed to boat 25 fish, including eleven varieties. Four of my fish were snappers, nice. I also caught the second "soap" fish I ever saw. It’s called a "soap" fish because it actually is soapy to the touch.

Before closing, if you are a member or want to become a member, or maybe just want to attend a meeting of the Boynton Inlet Fishing Club, I have been invited to talk to the attendees on the night of 3/24 at their club house. I’m sure you can find the address on line. We start at 7:30 and if my shipment arrives, I will give out some of the 2/0 model 9175 Mustad hooks that I always am talking about to everyone as long as my supply lasts.

Scuze me, gone fishin’.

December 24, 2014

What strong winds?

Well, last time out, I complained about the strong easterly winds we had been suffering from. So of course, the wind blew itself out, brought some fairly cold temperatures, and finally, it became FLORIDA again and all got better. The last few weeks brought continuing 70+ temperature as well as winds that were, for the most part, under ten m. p. h., yeah!

However, the "Guppy rig" guy continued to do his thing and I have had a ball recently catching fish after fish while not worrying about getting knocked to the ground by a huge ground swell.

Remember, a "guppy rig" is simply a barrel swivel at the end of your line, followed by a six-foot leader of slightly heavier line. Tie dropper loops into that leader about 20 inches apart and then tie a snelled 2/0 model 9175 Mustad "live bait" hook on. Then tie a regular loop at the end of the whole deal and add a four to six ounce bank sinker. Done correctly, each snelled hook will drop down but not touch the next hook so that each can be baited with a little strip of squid along with a small fillet of sardine. The two baits will flutter in the current attracting all kinds of critters. As an example, on 12/11 I boated 14 kinds of fish! Sure, none were braggers but they included a zillion blue runners, one flounder, two bonito, a porgy and a pink porgy, plus three huge toro to 2-lbs, nine vermillion snappers, a lane snapper, three triggers to a top of 4 lbs, two sand eels, a grunt and one Doctor fish, along with a coney grouper and two lizard fish. Fun!

On the 15th I had thirty more fish and lastly, on the 19th I landed 36 fish. However, standing alongside of Lee, the top "float-line" guy I know, we watched in anger as two dolphin played ring around our baits and never took a bite at either of our offerings. But six anglers did best a single dolphin each, the rats!

See ya next time. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to one and all.

Scuze me, gone fishin

December 10, 2014


Yeah, I know that it’s been over 70 degrees every day since we got back to Lake Worth on 11/13 and that it was under 30 degrees most of the time back in New Jersey since then, however, I still would prefer it if the wind would cut back to a more tolerabe level, okay?

Folks who have their own boat down thissaway have been frustrated, big time, due to the 20+ winds that have blown nearly every day, especially winds from an easterly quarter which bring big urpher waves towards shore. So unless you are nuts or have a 30' boat and can handle two to ten foot waves, the only option is to board a drift boat which is better built to withstand the conditions that have prevailed for much of the past several weeks.

That is what I have done three times since we last met, each time on the Lady K out of Lantana, and in each outing, I managed to hang onto the rail and catch me a mess of fish!

On the 24th I was way up in the bow and banged my tush against the supporting back railing all too often as the boat heaved up and down. But I still managed to boat two porgies, one porkfish, a scorpion fish, three tropical wrasse, seven sand eels, a bar jack, one grunt, three blue runners, along with a coney grouper plus a graysby grouper.

Then on 12/1 I upped my total to 31 fish while standing in the rear corner during what must have been winds that screamed higher than 25 m. p. h., bringing skyscraper height (maybe a little less) waves over the rail. Incuded in my 31 were six yellowtail snappers.

Lastly, on 12/5 I was near the rear end in winds that started at a tolerable 15 m. p. h. but then we got slammed by 20+ gusts that brought loads of rain down on us. However, the day produced my highest ever tally on the Lady K! As best as I could keep records, I think I boated 45 fish, including ten snappers!

So, fish one end or the other with a six ounce sinker holding a three-hook guppy rig and bait with little pieces of squid plus a small strip of filleted sardine, drop down, and get ready to slam back into a cute-sized fish. There’s lots of them out there for sure.

Happy Chanukah to one and all.

Scuze me, gone fishin’

November 26, 2014

Warning to All Fish -- I’m Back!

Karen and I got back to Lake Worth on the 12th and after unpacking, etc., I finally got out on the water again on Sunday, the 16th, and boy, was it ever good to be on the Lady K that day!

And how good was it? Hey, I caught two yellowtail snappers, a squirrel fish, one sand eel, and a dozen or so blue runners and that was pretty good, but if you look at my past three months, you may feel that it was far better than that!

You see, I nearly died and that wasn’t a good thing at all! Hopefully, our health writer and editor and publisher, Betty, may find the time to write separately about it, but in brief, on 8/29, I awoke with severe pain in my left inner thigh. The day before I spent nearly four hours in my dentist’s chair as he struggled to remove a dental implant that he had predicted "was so loose that it will quickly come out". Well, not so much.

Most of us have either read about or even know someone who has suffered from a pulmonary embolism. In brief, that’s a blood clot! Your knowledge probably goes back to hearing about someone who spent lots of hours during a long airplane flight and often enough, a blood clot forms, generally in a leg, and this is no easy problem to deal with.

But my blood clot hit my leg and when I talked to my DDS about it, he was clueless, or at least he acted innocent. So fast forward, the clot traveled into my lungs and early in October, I woke up, went downstairs, and suddenly couldn’t breathe, collapsing to the floor! Long story short, the Rescue Squad responded to my 911 call, as did an ambulance and the N. J. State Police and they hooked me up to oxygen and took me to the local hospital.

Two days later, the head of the I. C. U. of the facility heard my story and immediately realized that I had suffered from a pulmonary embolism and after conducting several tests that proved him to be right, quickly had me blasted with what they call a four hour "Clot-Buster" and the clot/s quickly went away from my lungs. It still exists in my leg but may go away soon.

I am now on a blood thinner for the rest of my life to try and prevent a future clot but the bottom line is that, more than likely, had the DDS gotten me up every hour to walk around, this never would have happened.

So, wherever you are, train, plane, dentist’s chair, get up and walk around often, willya?

Scuze me, gone fishin’

Sunfish Sailors of Century Village

By Dot Loewenstein

Century Village's Sunfish Sailboats

Photo by Dot Loewenstein

CenWest Fishing Club

By Al and Alice Roth

CenWest Fishing Club Members aboard the Lady K

CenWest Fishing Club 

Condo News columnists

Alice and Al Roth. 

2014 - 2015 Season


Chuck Mazza with a huge Largemouth Bass caught and released in the Century Village lake in April.

Photo by Al Roth

Bob Galazo and Pat McElhenney 

in Jupiter, landing a Bluefish from the surf.


Photo by Lou Maldonado


Hi Everyone: We would like to extend our best wishes to everyone for a happy and healthy summer season. Our last meeting of the season will be held at the Clubhouse on Wednesday, May 6th at 3:00 pm, Room B, and we would like to see all of our members there. The past season was very rewarding for all of our members. Although we did not catch any record breaking fish to set any new world records. Those of us who do partake in drift fishing, surf fishing, and lake fishing all had fun doing what we enjoy most. Our annual picnic was a great success and we had a record breaking number of members and guests attend. We also ordered new shirts for our club and you will see them being worn around the Village by our club members.

Again stay healthy so we can all be together for our next season which begins at our first meeting in November.

For information, call Al – 242-0351

This pretty bass was caught and released by club member Al Roth in the Century Village lake at the end of February.

Photo by Chuck Mazza.

(March 18, 2015)

 Hi Everyone: On Saturday March 14th, the Century Village Fishing Club held their annual Barbeque on Duck Island. Attendance reached 100 persons with everyone having a great time. Besides the usual good food and drink we also had a DJ for the first time which added to the days entertainment at this fun filled barbeque. Although there were many of us who were involved in the success of this party an extra amount of thanks have to be given to the hard work of: Bob and Gisele Galazzo, Lou and Susan Maldonado, Alice Roth, Bonnye Laden, Frank Mangiello, Pete and Ceil Amato, Mat and Theresa Cassidy, and Monique and Paul Pepin. Their hard work insured that all of us would have a good time and remember this event as one of the best experiences of the winter season.

In addition to the annual picnic many of us were wearing our new Century Village Fishing Club polo and t-shirts which were just ordered for members of the club. One has to admire how handsome and fashionable the guys and girls looked in their new shirts. We have Al and Alice Roth to thank for making the arrangements to order and receive all the shirts in time for the picnic. The Fishing Club also sponsored a fishing contest in our lake at the same time as the picnic. Again this year as well as last year the contest was won by Monty Warner with a nice 3 pound bass which was caught and released on the Island. Way to go Monty!

(February 4, 2015)

On Wednesday the 14th of January, 10 members of the CenWest fishing club led by our party boat expert Bob Galazzo went fishing on the drift boat Blue Heron out of Riviera Beach. Although the ocean was a little rough our members were able to catch a bunch of blue runners and yellow tails for a morning of fun out on the sea. On Monday January 12th our expert surf fisherman Pat McElhenney was able land his quota of bluefish within a half hour while surf fishing north of Jupiter. Some of his catch are shown in the photo below. Anyone who would like to join the fishing club and take part in some of the fun will always be welcome. Our meetings are always held the first Wednesday of the month at 3:00PM in our clubhouse. 

Our next meeting is February 4th.

Photo by Pat McElhenney

For more information about some of our activities please contact Al at 242-0351 or Capt. Mike at 570-445-4391


Hi Everyone: The Century Village Fishing Club would like to extend our wishes to all of you for a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy & Healthy New Year!

Our first meeting of the New Year will be on Wednesday January 7th at 3:00pm, classroom B. New members are always welcome. For more information call either

Capt. Mike 570 445-4391 or Al at 561 242-0351.


We had our first meeting of the season on Wednesday, December 3rd. Our meeting was very well attended and our guest speaker Eva Rachesky, was very informative about her plans for cleaning up the Lake and rebuilding our Fishing Pier. The fishing club has a delegate, Ms. Susan Imp to represent us at monthly operation meetings at UCO. The committee members, Al, Pat, Bob and Wally gave their reports about pier, lake, surf and party boat fishing. Captain Mike gave a informative demonstration.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday January 7th, 3:00pm classroom B. New members are always welcome. Any questions call: Captain Mike – 570 445-4391 or Al 561 242-0351.


Hi Everyone: Welcome back snowbirds! We hope everyone had a wonderful summer and came back healthy and ready for a new year in Century Village.

We had our first meeting of the season on Wednesday December 3rd. Our President Captain Mike had many new ideas that he shared with us at our first meeting. Our guest speaker was Eva Rachesky Vice President of W.P.R.F. Eva answered questions  rebuilding our fishing pier and how she is involved in rehabilitating our Lake.  

Any new members who wish to partake in our club activities are always welcome. If you have any further questions please call either Al (561) 242-0351 or Club President Captain Mike at (570) 445-4391. 


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