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Welcome to CN's Fit After Fifty Column by Betty Thomas

Barclay, South Palm Beach, Clubhouse


Veterans, New Citizens Honored at Barclay in South Palm Beach

Photos by Ellie Hart

Pictured l-r: Irwin Lebow, Donald Mates, Ellie Hart, Dr. Robert Feingold, Eric Ahronheim

Irwin, Donald and Eric are WWII veterans. Donald and Eric are South Palm Beach residents who received Purple Hearts. Ellie Hart is an AmeriCorps volunteer doing veteran outreach for Alpert Jewish Family and Childrenís Service. She hosted the veterans at a dinner in their honor in her home at the Barclay.

In June, 2016, residents of the Barclay condo had a reception for Polo and Soyla Herrara who recently became US citizens. All Barclay residents in town this summer came to help celebrate their accomplishment.

2011 Oscar Night at Cinema Barclay

by Madelyn Greenberg

Along South Ocean Boulevard there are a number of condo/co-ops that enjoy a good party for their owners. The Barclay in South Palm Beach, really know how to show their owners a great time with a social calendar sprinkled with excuses for dressing up, eating some delicious meals and enjoying each others company. One such event was their Oscar Party held on the night that the Oscar Awards were being given out. This fun loving group first had individual photos taken on the red carpet with their own personal photographer and fellow resident Sy Reinhart taking the photos of each guest along with a variety of hats, feathered boas and fun poses. Leah Bergen is the organizer of this particular event. Her assistants for the evening were: Barry Nitkin, Sy Reinhart and Ellie Hart. All were dressed in their finery and smiles were apparent as everyone seemed happy to be attending this event.

There was entertainment for the crowd which consisted of a professional singer who sang a variety of songs that were most enjoyable. Then off to the Theatre/ T.V/Party Room where after watching the awards, we had a delicious meal and great conversation. Overall it was a terrific evening for all who attended.

These people at the Barclay know how to party. Canít wait for next season when they begin all over again.

As with many of the parties I attended on South Ocean Boulevard, keep checking the paper and on-line because the photos will keep coming even if it did not show up with the corresponding article, that doesnít mean they will not be displayed at some time or another.


Simone-Marie & Rudolf Kleckner


Photo by Sy Reinhart

Photos below by Maddy Greenberg

Barry Nitkin, Sy Reinhart, 

Lea Bergen & Ellie Hart

Natalie Norris, Blossom Tobe 

& Seymour Kaplan

Marie Grusan &  Shirley Effron

Three Oscar Night at Cinema Barclay

Monday night is movie night at the Barclay Condominium in Palm Beach. This tradition was started by three residents, Ruth Epstein, Ellie Hart, and Lee Bergen. The first movie shows was Salam Bombay, which won an academy award and for which Mitch Epstein, Ruthís son, was co-director and co-producer. Oscar night parties began three years ago with pictures taken on the red carpet with a life-size Oscar, food, movies, questionnaires, and Oscars and roses as prizes.

For the Oscar party on March 7th, three Oscars were awarded. Sy Reinhart, the official Cinema Barclay photographer, was awarded an Oscar for excellence in photography. Two Oscars were awarded for best answers to quizzes on cinema.

Everyone dressed in their finest and dined in the Barclay party room, which was decorated with movie posters. During dinner, the movie goers were entertained by Al Kent who interviewed the residents and their guests. It was pure Hollywood!

Photos by Sy Reinhart


Ellie Hart, Lee Bergen, 

and Ruth Epstein

Sy Reinhart


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