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Welcome to CN's TCCA News

On this page: 

Love in Action, Golden Lakes Village * NEW FEATURE

• Out and About 2015-2016 Season

• Scenes from Condoland * NEW FEATURE

• Out and About 2013-2014 Season


O U T    &   A B O U T

Last Updated 05/26/2021

Love in Action 

Golden Lakes Village


Society of the Four Arts Museum & Sculpture Garden 

Photos Compliments of Love in Action

One of the Love in Action carpooling trips was to the Four Arts museum and sculpture garden in Palm Beach.

Hugo admires one of his favorite statues.

Sheila gets a prime seat between the statues of FDR and Winston Churchill, while Hugo

Author Robert L. Forbes did a poetry reading, sharing excerpts from his well-known children’s books (such as "Beastly Feasts!" and "Beast Friends Forever!"). The LIA grandparent group took some of their "adopted" family to enjoy the occasion. After the reading Mr. Forbes signed books for the children and the children enjoyed a poet’s parfait treat. LIA kids also got to walk along the Intracoastal Waterway and stand in awe of the giant tree by the Flagler Museum.

Arts & Crafts and 

Volunteer Grandparents

All photos courtesy of Love in Action

Working together: Amelia Arango helps Gail Rosenfeld learn to crochet. The Golden Lakes knitting/crocheting club was started by Spanish-speaking friends in Golden Lakes. They offer their expertise and friendship to all who are interested. Both women in this photograph have limited manual dexterity due to health issues. Says Gail, "I not only have mastered the basic stitch already but have enjoyed practicing my Spanish-Speaking skills!" Gail is a Love in Action officer in charge of Projects; she got the first project (a monthly food drive) started at the first Love in Action gathering in January.

Artist Tom Melican of Love in Action helps Jessica Vazquez, grandchild of a Golden Lakes resident during spring break.

Tom Melican and Jessica Vazquez made this killer painting together.

Love of a Grandparent: Many families do not have that unconditional grandparent love enriching their lives. So, Love in Action has now adopted three families, and volunteer grandparents from Golden Lakes and beyond are having a blast filling in that gap. Here, Ruth and Hugo Tschudin enjoy their family: teenagers Edwin and Daily and their mom, Luisa. Ruth is president of Love in Action and Hugo is an officer in charge of promotions and public relations.

Honoring Veterans

Handmade card made by Toni Paige was taken to Ed Rosenwasser who lives at the VA Medical Center

Photos by Sally Summey

(L-r) Bill Jackowski and Toni Paige. Bill, who served in Guam during the Vietnam War, and other Love in Action people, have signed and will be taking artist Toni’s card to Ed Rosenwasser, a Golden Lakes friend and decorated WWII veteran now residing at the VA medical Center. The American flag in the background, along with the seals of the various armed services, is on display in the breezeway of Club A, thanks to the efforts of village veterans Bill Wilder, Peter King and Don Kilmartin

During Love in Action’s "Honoring our Veterans" gathering last month, Lenore Stein told how her husband, three brothers and two grandchildren served, or are now serving in the US armed forces. In the photo above Lenore holds pictures of her husband, Jerry, a member of the elite WWII "Flying Tigers" serving in China, Burma, India, Australia and the South Pacific, and her grandson Jeremy, now in the US Navy.

Photo by Sally Summey

After a hard day of thrift shopping, Willi House, Sally Summey, Helen Allgood and Nancy Krell enjoy a bite to eat at Breeze Ocean Kitchen at Eau Palm Beach, before returning to Golden Lakes Village.


It’s fun ... inspiring ... life-enriching ... powerful! It can be challenging at times, but that’s when it promotes the most growth and can be most rewarding.

What is it? Love in Action! A mindset (and a heart-set) that produces ideas and actions to counteract the constant flow of negative news reported by the media, the problems we see all around us that sadden and upset us, and the anxiety-laden feelings that put us in a funk and make us cynical.

Instead of giving in to fretting, complaining, and moping around, we respond to the Love in Action call to use our time and talents to conjure up as much good as we can. It’s a noble love we’re nurturing — the kind that is patient, understanding, and forgiving ... that risks rejection, doesn’t care who gets the credit, and seeks good for all involved.

The Love in Action! (LIA) movement started with a group of us here at Golden Lakes Village, a West Palm 55+ community with hundreds of modest villas and condos. In just a few short months, we have added joy to many lives, especially our own (because of the great people we’ve met and the differences we’ve made). Together, and individually, we strive to see and bring out the best in ourselves and others as we apply unselfish, uplifting approaches to every situation and person we encounter.

Our website www.GLLoveinAction.com explains what we’re all about. It also encourages those who visit the site to join in by doing as much good as they can no matter where they are or what their circumstances might be — because even the smallest kindnesses can make a world of difference. We in our Golden Lakes group are presently pursuing the following goals:

• to enjoy and encourage each other,

• to support Golden Lakes activities, and

• to do projects that put others first.

We have already accomplished much. We have monthly "gatherings" (which are warmer and friendlier than "meetings") in which we review recent and ongoing projects, and think up new ideas. No idea is too small, or too large, to be worth exploring. We also have monthly newsletters, all of which can be accessed via our website. They are filled with photos of past activities and news about upcoming ones.

Thus far we have carpooled to the WPB Library, thrift shops, restaurants, events, and places of interest outside the village. We also brought people together for village activities, and offered residents our own creative activities (like card- and bracelet-making workshops led by talented people among us).

Ongoing projects now include collecting food and clothing for those in need, preparing special-occasion gift baskets for residents, doing fun things with families in need of grandparent-like love, and making "goody bags" for the homeless. We are also planning projects to help area veterans.

"Whaddaya say?" (Spoken as only a true Jersey gal can!) Care to join forces with us in purpose and attitude? Together, as individuals and/or as an ever-changing pack o’ pals, let’s make a world of difference. 

E-mail us at info@GLLoveinAction.com with your questions, ideas, and vignettes of what you are doing (or thinking of doing) as you step out into this amazing adventure we call Love in Action!

2015-2016 Season

Photos by Maddy Greenberg

South Palm Beach Lecture Series

Phil Glassman, Eleanor Nadler & Adele Glassman - 

all residents from the Atriums Condo, 

3400 S. Ocean Blvd., 

Palm Beach

Rudoff Kleckner & Simone Bailey- residents from 

the Dorchester Condo, 

3520 S. Ocean Blvd., 

Palm Beach

Chuck and Sandi Jones 

from Palm Lakes Condominiums, Lake Worth

Peter Zimbelmanin, 

Elaine Marr and 

Shirley Henschel, 

all from the Palmsea, 

S,. Palm Beach



Elaine & Loron Simon, 

from Sutton Place, Palm Beach, 

and in the background, 

Phyllis Kuby 

from Carlton Place, Palm Beach

Scenes from Condoland

Photos by Jimmy Shirley

Tower Vallandry, 

Ibis Island, Palm Beach

View of the Intracoastal looking north with 

Tower Vallandry, Ibis Island, on the right.

Palmsea Condominium 

South Palm Beach

Toppling a palm tree in the parking lot of the Palmsea 

last May, 2016) ...

A worker begins the cut 

near the base ...

... as the tree topples 

(guided by a strap)...

... the tree comes thundering down. A tractor lifts the tree with the sling.

Lakeside Village Palm Springs

"Tri-colored Heron Takes Flight" 

This heron has been feeding in the canal that runs just north of Lakeside Village Condominiums in Palm Springs.

Nature's Tiny World

Canal Life along north side of Lakeside Village Condos, Palm Springs

"Sulfer" class butterfly

Mosquito Hawk (dragonfly)

Mosquito Hawk (dragonfly)

Foxtail grass seed heads

Harbour House Condominium

2295 S. Ocean Blvd.

Palm Beach

View from Ibis Isle

Sutton Place

Condominium South

2778 S. Ocean Blvd.

Palm Beach

View of the beach looking north from Palmsea, Villa Feliz

3520 S. Ocean Blvd.

Palm Beach

Ibis Isle ...

... juts out into the Intracoastal off S. Ocean Blvd. in Palm Beach. The two buildings in the center are (l-r) Tower Vallandry (2150 Ibis Way) and Tower Vallencay (2155 Ibis Way), as seen from the Lake Worth Bridge.

The Dune Deck Condominium

3610 South Ocean Blvd., South Palm Beach, has finally finished their renovations. 

Florette Robinson, of Lakeside Village in Palm Springs, is an avid gardener finding it very relaxing. She hails from Jamaica.

Singer Island condos along A1A as viewed from John D. MacArthur 

State Park on the boardwalk across the Intracoastal. 

The Water Glades is on the extreme left.

Lakewood Condominium, 3525 S. Ocean Blvd., South Palm Beach, FL

Harbour House, 2295 S. Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach

Scene at the Residences at Sloan’s Curve, Palm Beach

La Bonne Vie, 3475 S. Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach

An otter has made himself at home along the canal on the north side of Lakeside Village condominiums in Palm Springs. In this photo, the otter has finished his swim and rolled around in the leaves and sand to dry off.

Sloan's Curve Condominiums (2100 S. Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach) as seen from Ibis Way.

Courtyard at Palm Worth on 

S. Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach

Palm Lakes Condominiums on 

S. Lakeside Dr., Lake Worth

Mayfair House West on 

S. Ocean Blvd., South Palm Beach

Dolphin Sculpture at the Ambassador Condominium, 

S. Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach.

The sculpture has since been replaced.

View of the north side of Lakeside Village condominiums 

in Palm Springs at sunset. Note the reflection in the canal of a formation of water birds above heading for their night roosting site.

2014-2015 Season

Photos by Maddy Greenberg

Unless otherwise stated

Holiday Parties are prevalent at this time of year

Photos submitted by Maddy Greenberg

Left to right, Richard G. Hunegs, Chairman of the SOS and President of 3360 Condo Association, Holiday Party Host, Michael Scharf and Maddy Greenberg, 3360 resident.

L-r: Paul Nobel, Ibis Isle, Chateau Cheverny, Robert & Hiroko Davidow, 2100 S. Ocean Blvd., Our gracious host, Michael Scharf, Dobie, Richard Hunegs and Maddy Greenberg, all three from 3360 S. Ocean Blvd.


By Maddy Greenberg

This past week I was invited to a holiday party, where I met some very interesting and new people along with some familiar faces. I was invited to a beautiful home and spent enjoyable hours at this festive occasion.

My host and hostess for this elegant and yet understated event, were Michael and Fiona Scharf.


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

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