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Welcome to CN's Fit After Fifty Column by Betty Thomas

Barkley Clubhouse 


Last Barbecue and Pool Party 

of the Season; 

Barkley Talent Show March 27

Photos submitted by Ann Ellie

Pool Party:

Paul Viau added a wonderful touch to the event.

Barkley Has Talent: Participants in talent show were Ann Gausch, Judy Sobocinski, Shelly Swope, Joe Versagli, Joan Hyland Paul Flynn, Janet Flynn, Daniel Payette, Alice Alexander, Diane Boileau, Chris Telegades, Gloria O’Donnell Danielle Payette and Andre actually sang --what great voices!

St. Patty's Day Celebration 

at Barkley Bingo

Barkley Shuffle Board Banquet & Bocci Court Get-Together

March 2015

Photos submitted by Lena Cocciolone

Joan Iannello & Delores Merron

displaying all the GREEN.

Irene Roy, Aline Aube, Jean-Guy Aube, Lena Cocciolone, 

Claudette Cote, Celine Thibault, Richard Cote, 

Joe Versagli, Raymond Breton.

Alice Anderson, Joan Hyland, Gwen Achieles, Liz Achieles,  

Pauline Casner, Gail Dobenecker, Judy Subocinski, Shelly Swope, Shirley Telegadas, Ann Gausch, Reni Versagli

Mardi Gras, February 17, 2015

Photos by Lena Cocciolone

The Mardi Gras skit:  

Richard Prud'Homme, dressed as a woman (left),  and his wife, Flourette Prud'Homme, dressed as a man, performed a song.

The serving team, l-r: 

Benoit Plante, Pierre Lemarbre, Joe Versagli, Roger Collin, 

Maurice Drolet, Jean-Paul Larouche and Jean-Marie Taibault.

Barkley Red Hatters

Photo by Jimmy Shirley

The Barkley Red Hatters gathered at their clubhouse on Monday, 

Oct. 21st for their luncheon outing to a Greek restaurant in Lantana. Front row, l-r: Gene Emmel (Fernley I); Jeanette Zink (Barkley); 

Monique Patrick (FernleyIV); Queen Mother Agnes Krill (Barkley); Dorothy Meyer (Barkley); Eve Wilt (Fernley); Lucienne Norrman (Crosley); Back row, l-r: Jean Gloss (Barkley); Lena Cocciolone (Barkley); Pat Wiseman (Barkley); Alice Aadland (Century Village); 

June Conwell (Covered Bridge); Judy Blowe (Century Village); 

Gladys Metz (Lake Worth Gardens); Maria Levy (Century Village).


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