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Welcome to CN's Fit After Fifty Column by Betty Thomas

Buttonwood East Clubhouse


Photos by Flo Epstein unless otherwise stated

Memorial Day 2015 Barbecue

Dick Turcotte 


Mary DeFrancesco

(l to r) Board members

Sam Siino, Becky Glueck, 

Mary Jane Rusin, 

and Ray Devaney

Valentine's Day Party, Feb. 2015

Gloria Galli and Fred Marino

Dick Turcotte

Mary Jane Russin and Aldo Natoli

Easter Bonnet Contest, April 2014

Pictured with Dick Turcotte (Easter Bunny) are the winners of the Buttonwood East Easter Bonnet Contest: 

L-R: Mary Simon, Peggy Fly, Mary DeFrancesco.

Buttonwood East Board of Directors & Nominating Committee 2013

Photos courtesy of Estelle Nadles

Board of Directors(l to r) - Lou DeFrank (Dir.), Charlie Schneider (Dir.), Ray Devaney (Treas.), Dick Gerrish (Pres.), Tim VanFossen (V. Pres.), Shelley Kahn (Sec.)

Buttonwood HOA Nominating Committee (l to r)-Melanie Bouton, Gerry Lieberman, Jay Simon, Dick Turcotte, Flo Epstein

Halloween Oct. 2013

Buttonwood East Halloween Party: Left Hand Witch Rebecca Glueck, Right Hand Witch Mary Jane Rusin.

Photo by RaymondDevaney

2012-2013 Season Activities

Women's Club Officers

Buttonwood Women’s Club 

officers at their May meeting:

 (l-r) Mary Mastropietro, 

Laverne Beres, Millie O’Neill, and Lorraine Schneider.

Women's Club Ice Cream Social, March 2013

L-r: Polly Gustems, 

Lorraine Coelho,

Mary Simon

Art and Margaret Collins

Millie O’Neill

Valentine's Day Party

Anne Ketson, 

Rose Canneto, 

Anita Cianciulli

Gloria Galli, Sis Murphy

Christa Schaefer

Polly Gustems, Lorraine Coelho, Mary Simon

Buttonwood East Women's Club

January 2013 Meeting


(l-r) Buttonwood Women’s Club officers Laverne Beres and 

Mary Mastropietro; 

with Rebecca Glueck

November 2012 Meeting


(l-r) Evie Marder and Ruth Frumkin

(l-r) Mary Simon, Debra Bilohorka, Mary Mastropietro

Tennis Anyone?

The games are ON!  

This promises to be a great tennis season on our newly renovated courts! Pictured-left to right Sam Siino, Polly Gustems, Charlie Schneider, Ray Devaney

Summer 2012

Monthly Movie: October - (left to right) Anita Cianciulli and 

Helen Spiroat the Buttonwood cinema showing of "The Artist".

Our Saturday Afternoon BBQ Cooks & Helper:

left to right: Sam Siino, 

Ray Devaney, & Ruth Day


April 2012 Birthday Celebrants

Photos by Phil Moore

Clockwise from left: 

Jo Vitale, Gus Gustems, 

Polly Gustems, Val Coelho, Lorraine Coelho, Mary Simon

L-r: Tessie Weinblatt, 

Sam Siino, Fred Marino,

Edith Marino, Phil Moore

Buttonwood Homeowners Association Annual Members Meeting, 

Jan. 19, 2012

Photos by Estelle Nadler

New Board of Directors (2012-2013) left to right: 

Tim Van Fossen, Vice President; Phil Moore, Treasurer; 

Shelley Kahn, Secretary; Dick Gerrish, President; 

Lou DeFrank, Director; Sam Siino, Director; Charlie Schneider, Director

(l to r) Annual Members’ Mtg. Sec’y, Flo Epstein & 

Annual Members’ Mtg. Chairperson Anita Cianciulli

Buttonwood residents

Edith and Fred Marino

Clubhouse Holiday Party

Cole and Avery Rusin 

with "Santa" Jay Simon

Ruth Millan consults with "Santa

Women's Club Annual Holiday 

Box Lunch Dec., 2011

Women’s Club Board Members (l-r) Millie O’Neill, Shelley Kahn, and LaVerne Beres

(l-r) Ruth Frumkin, Evie Marder

Mary Mastropietro, Mary Simon

Buttonwood East Halloween Party, Oct. 29, 2011

Photos by Shelley Kahn

Witch in Hat: 

Vicki Van Fossen

Wizzard of Oz 

Dorothy with basket:

Cis Murphy

Indian Couple:

Peggy and Troy Rippetoe


Tim Van Fossen

Buttonwood East Board of Directors at their May 2011 Meeting

L-R: Lou DeFrank, Dir.; Scotti Casablanca, Pres.; Phil Moore, Vice. Pres.; Tim VanFossen, Dir.; and Dick Turcotte, Sec'y.

Photo by Estelle Nadler.

Women's Club Annual Fashion Show

L-r: Terry Rich, Alice Follett, Millie O’Neill, Mary Mastropietro, Lorraine Schneider, Christa Schaefer, Anita Cianciulli, and Ruth Day.


Photos submitted by Flo Epstein

Buttonwood East Quarterly Birthday/Anniversary Party, April 8

Photos by Philip Moore

Val Coelho, Lorraine Coelho 

and Manuel Gustems.


Ruth Frumpkin and Flo Epstein

Mary Jany Rusin, Cole Rusin (grandson), and Steve Rusin.


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