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Welcome to CN's Fit After Fifty Column by Betty Thomas

Dudley Clubhouse 


Cresthaven Dudley


Teresa Grimaldi


Hello from Dudley! Our season has come to an end, and what a strange and fabulous season it's been. Most of our Northern friends were not able to join us. Hopefully they will be back next season. 

Due to the pandemic we weren't able to have our typical season but we were able to have a "pandemic modified" season. We played Bingo and Pictionary, had a couple of socially distanced dances, had pool parties and Karaoke parties by the pool, had arts and craft classes and held some contests. All in all I would say this season was a success. 

The time has come for those snowbirds that were lucky enough to be able to come to Florid, to go back to their home state. I, for one, find it harder and harder every year to say goodbye to all of our wonderful friends. Thank you all for helping make this season a success. I couldn't have done it without you.


Hello from Dudley! Everyone's curiosity was piqued at our Craft Club meeting when I told our crafters that we would be making roses out of empty toilet paper rolls. We spent the afternoon cutting, gluing, painting and made the most beautiful roses. They ranged in color from red, pink, orange, purple and even green. We realized we could make an endless array of different types of flowers, so this class will be repeated next season.

The Women's Club wound down their season with an afternoon of Bingo. The winners took home their prizes of scratch off tickets. There may be a million dollar winner out there!

We had another pool party which was very well received. We brought our own food, had Piña Coladas and listened to good music.

Can't wait to see what next season brings.

Dudley Creations: 

Amazing Roses made from Toilet Paper Tubes!


Hello from Dudley! The weather was beautiful; low 70s and no humidity. It was the perfect day for the Woman's Club to play Pictionary outside. The members divided into two teams and named their teams the Bluebirds and the Hawks. Each team took alternating turns picking mystery words out of a bowl and they had to draw a picture of the word they picked. Each artist were allowed one minute to draw and everyone had to guess what was drawn. We had a lot of fun trying to guess the drawings, as you can imagine! I've attached some of them here. The Bluebirds were the winners with a score of 14 points to the Hawks 10. Go Bluebirds!!

Back by popular demand: Karaoke by the Pool. We had such a good time at our first Karaoke by the Pool we will be hosting a second one shortly. The Craft Club will also be repeating it's Make Your Own Greeting Cards since this class was such a hit the first time.


Hello from Dudley! We had a successful Sunday afternoon Karaoke Party by the pool, hosted by our very own crooner Walter Skinner. Walter swooned us with a bit of Frank Sinatra, singing My Way and other songs. He also sung a duet with Cheryl Schroeder, and inside sources told me they are going to rehearse for the next Karaoke Party! Tom Ballon provided a base background while other residents provided background dancing. Arles Kirsch entertained us with her rendition of Anne Murray's Could I Have this Dance. Even Bruce Oppenheimer got into the act with his little tune of Mairzy Doats and Dozy Doates and Luddle Lamzy Divey. We all had a great time and are looking forward to our next Karaoke party.

Dudley Dancers

Bruce Oppenheimer

Arles Kirsch

Cheryl Schroeder & Walter Skinner

Cheryl Schroeder & Tom Ballon


Hello from Dudley! We had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day here at Dudley. The day started with a panel of judges viewing the doors that were decorated for the Decorate Your Door Contest. We had some great doors, which resulted in a tie for first place. Linda Hollabaugh and Joan Senzamici tied for first place; Richard and Linda Dick won second place and Gayle Martin 3rd place. Our residents creativity is worth applause. In the late afternoon we had a socially distanced celebration at the clubhouse where we danced the afternoon away. Music was furnished by Debbie Schreibel, who always does a great job. We also had our very own leprechaun present, Jim Hollabaugh.

We have some fun coming up at the Woman's Club and the Craft Club. Stay tuned!

From Dudley to you, we wish you Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and a fun April Fool's Day!

Dudley Leprechaun

Jim Hollabaugh

First Place

Linda Hollabaugh

First Place

Joan Senzamici

Second Place

Richard & Linda Dick

Third Place

Gayle Martin


Hello from Dudley! Our craft club had some fun making cards. One of our residents, Gloria Oppenheimer, seems to be a pro at card making and provided us with a paper cutter so we could cut the card stock to size, and all kinds of goodies with which to decorate our cards. Of course we had some wonderful artists who decided to put their talents to work. I have included some pictures of the cards our crafters made.

We will be having a Decorate Your Door contest for Saint Patrick's Day. Dudley resident's should register their doors in the office to participate in the contest! We are also planning some Karaoke by the pool. More about that in my next writing.

While we are still in a pandemic and people are trying to get vaccinated, we do take precautions to keep our residents safe while trying to enjoy a limited social life. Stay well, keep safe!



Hello from Dudley! We enjoyed a wonderful Valentine's weekend here at Dudley. We held a Decorate Your Door for Valentine's Day contest.. A team of judges, myself and Debbie Shreibel, looked at the doors the morning of Valentine's Day and rated them on a scorecard. Some of the categories we judged were visual impact, craftsmanship, creativity, originally, etc. We then added up the points we gave in each category and picked winners. Those winners were:

First Place - Linda Hollabaugh

2nd Place - Joan Senzamici for her love monkeys

3rd Place - Beth McBroom for her beautiful two sided door decorations

Best Original Idea - Richard & Linda Dick for their pandemic mask theme

Linda Hollabaugh's door was not only filled with hearts, it was filled with love. It was revealed to me later that all of the "conversation hearts" she had on her door were messages Linda and her granddaughter Olivia wrote to each other. How's that for a Valentine's Day heartfelt message!

Awards were presented at a safely distanced afternoon dance. After the awards ceremony we socially distanced danced the afternoon away with our host Debbie Shreibel, who played 50's and 60's music. Great choice in music Debbie!

First Place 

Linda Hollabaugh

2nd Place - Joan Senzamici 

for her love monkeys

3rd Place - Beth McBroom 

for her beautiful 

two sided door decorations


3rd Place - Beth McBroom 

for her beautiful 

two sided door decorations


Best Original Idea

Richard & Linda Dick 

for their pandemic mask theme


Hello from Dudley! While we still remain closed due to the Covid-19 virus, we are starting to open some clubs in a much different, safer manner. Food or drinks will no longer be served, we will be socially distanced and outdoors when weather permits, we are limiting the amount of people, etc. We had our first meeting of the New Craft Club. Our intention is to have a different craft project every week, with a volunteer from Dudley teaching their favorite craft. The first meeting was a granny square swap. Our crafters made granny squares which will be sewn together to make a quilt. In the coming weeks we will be making jewelry, greeting cards, and whatever else our talented crafters would like to teach. We had a moderate attendance, and I would call it a success.

We are having a fun Decorate Your Door contest for Valentine’s Day. Dudley residents who want to participate will register their doors in the office and a panel of judges will look at their doors the morning of February 14th. Awards will be given out in the afternoon at a socially distanced outdoor gathering. Personally, I can't wait to see what imaginative ideas people have.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day & stay safe!

Dudley crafters making granny squares for the quilt they will make.


Hello from Dudley! It has been a tough year for all of us. In addition to facing our normal challenges, we were introduced to some extraordinary ones. The pandemic has taken its toll – the shut downs, the isolation, missing our family and friends, children not being able to go to school, and let’s not forget the deaths it caused. The good news is that it is almost over. With the vaccine on the horizon we will be able to lead a more normal life in the not too distant future.

Whether it will be the old normal or a new normal I couldn’t say, but I think it will be better than how we have been living. We persevered through the bulk of the pandemic and I think it made us discover a lot about ourselves. People are stronger than they think and when it gets tough, we dig in our heels and move forward. We’ve helped our neighbors, we’ve discovered talents we never knew we had, and we used our ingenuity to discover new ways to entertain ourselves. I think we will emerge knowing so much more about ourselves than we knew a year ago.

As the year comes to a close, let’s take a moment to reflect on all those we lost this year due to the pandemic or other causes, including our dear friend and neighbor Joe Kwak, and those who are still fighting illness. Let’s look forward to the birth of a new year abounding in Health, Happiness and Hope. Here’s to 2021!

Dudley Pool Tournament Winners 2014

Winners of the 

Dudley Pool Tournament were 

(l-r) Willie Gourdeau 

and Nick D'Aloisio


Photo by Serge

Dudley Welcomes 

"Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus"

Jim and Linda Hollabaugh of Cresthaven Dudley  

as Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus

Halloween - October 2013

Our Halloween dance went over great. The three prize-winning costumes went to Linda Anderson as the witch, second place to Mary Bilski as the judge, and Roxanne Zebrocke as the pink lady. 

A good time was had by all.


Photo by Tony Senzamici

Surprise Birthday Party, 11-28-12

On November 28, 2012, a surprise birthday party was hosted by Joan Senzamici for Gilda Berkowitz (front row white sweater) who is a very special friend and person for us Dudley residents. There were about 20 of us in attendance scoffing up the chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. She had a blast opening gifts. Love ya, Gilda!!

Photo by Tony Senzamici

Dudley Halloween Party

~Costume Contest~

left to right, 

1st place, Christine Butera; 

2nd place, Gilda Berkowitz; 

3rd place, Rozanne Debrocke.


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