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Welcome to CN's Fit After Fifty Column by Betty Thomas

Covered Bridge Clubhouse 



By Arnie Dickerman


Those April Showers "will" come your way they bring the flowers....and Tax Day (this year) that blooms on the 17th of May! Hope that everyone had both a sweet Passover and a happy Easter. As more and more family members have been vaccinated that allow some gatherings to take place and a chance to see our relatives more readily. We have company! Speaking of family, we have as guests my son, daughter-in-law and my identical twin granddaughters hailing from Needham, Mass. The twins are now 4 1/2 tears old. First time in over 2 years that I was able to get kisses and hugs from them!

By the way, Their Mommy and I took the twins to Lion Safari Country the other day. I was there with another two grandchildren about 5 years ago. It was wonderful then as many of the species of animals and birds were out and about. This time beside some animals in small herds and lots of Ostriches and one Lion taking a nap a distance from the car, and just before exiting we got a glimpse of penned in Giraffes and Zebras...other than that it was a very expensive disappointing event!

I see that our Covered Bridge monthly calendar has some more activities listed since last year. Saw and Hammer Shop (Hobby Shop), Tennis, Pickle Ball, Water Exercises, Billiards, plus a Pancake & Sausage Breakfast Meeting on Sunday April 11 at 9:30am a Men's Club event for paid-up members, and Men's Club Cigar Night (picnic area) Tuesday April 20th at 5:30pm.

I will cut it short as i am happily involved with my visitors.

Stay well, be safe.........until then

Reunited ...

And It 

Feels So Good


Arnie Dickerman, columnist for Covered Bridge, getting hugs

 from his twin granddaughters, Jordan & Sienna, now 4½, 

for the first time in 2 years.

Family photo: Arnie’s son Jayson with his wife Stephanie and

Arnie’s twin granddaughters Sienna & Jordan.

Left to right ...Arnie's oldest son Neal & his wife Marj, with Stephanie and Jayson, and the twins Sienna and Jordan in the pool.


In good old New York (and all areas North of Florida ) there is an old adage that "March comes in as a Lion and goes out as a Lamb". Well as you all experienced that here in South Florida March did come in as a pussycat (hey the Lion is also in the cat family) and is leaving us Lamb-like! With that said as many of our fellow seniors have received at least one vaccine "shot" possibly the second shot as well, Just in time to celebrate both Passover, which begins on March 27th and ends eight days later which coincidentally will be Easter Sunday which is on April 4th. These two holidays are usually spent with families and friends. Still use common sense regarding masks and social distancing on these upcoming religious holidays which will bring relatively small gatherings together to celebrate these two holidays.

Speaking of family my identical twin granddaughters and their parents are coming down from Massachusetts to visit and join myself and their Aunt and Uncle and cousins who live nearby in Wellington in celebrating Passover.

On April 6th Covered Bridge will hold its Annual Meeting and Board elections.

Our Men's Club is attempting to slowly come out of "hibernation". They have planned a Hot Dog /Cigar Night as well as an outdoor /indoor Pancake and Sausage breakfast in early April.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay well, be safe ................until then


Except for a couple of cold nights and cool early mornings this year it seems that the "winter" season has given way to spring-like weather. No complaints here! Speaking of spring that officially starts on March 21st.

Another March date that requires action to be taken by all of us......moving our clocks one hour ahead on March 14th at 2:00a.m. to welcome in Daylight Savings Time! A good adage is to move our clocks one hour forward before going to sleep on the night of March 13th! Did you know that DST goes by this name in Canada as well. Known as "summer-time" In the United Kingdom and European as well as others is the practice of advancing clocks during warmer months so that darkness falls at a later clock time. Of course in the fall season we move the clocks back one hour. The result is there is one 23 hour day in late winter (or early spring) and one 25 hour day in the autumn! Another fact is that DST is NOT observed in Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and most of Arizona!

On March 17th St. Patrick's Day is observed officially in Ireland and the Irish everywhere commemorating the Patrick Saint bringing Christianity to Ireland. However wearing of "the green" along with a St Patty's Day Parade has been a long tradition here. The saying goes "we are all Irish on St Patrick's Day. Even our local Bagel Stores along with doughnut providers feature green bagels and green doughnuts!

I am taking this opportunity to pay condolences to Judy Goodman and her entire family as her beloved husband Sam Goodman of well over 60 years passed away last week.

Due to the Pandemic WE CARE and the C.O.P.s programs as well as club activities such as Red Hats, Book Lovers, Friday Niters as well as Men's Club are all on hold at this time!

Get vaccinated, wear your mask, wash hands often

Stay safe, stay well............until then


As February is the shortest month I would guess that explains why the end of this month seems to have come up so "suddenly". Folks it's still winter out there, well in all contiguous 47 states except here in Florida. After the many years that I have been residing in Florida I still find it unique that the rest of the country has been frozen and snowed under while the weather here is almost summerlike. This place I now call home is as close (weather-wise) to being Shangri-la! With more and more seniors having been vaccinated against Covid, which in the very near future everyone of any age will be offered the vaccine, life (as we knew it before the pandemic) will return to pre-covid normal. We have all grown weary of the lack of socialization and activities for the past year that are so sorely missed.

The recent Driver's Ed course was successful. Thanks to Rochelle Friedland for organizing and running the meeting and thank you to Ira Bernstein for assisting with the audio/visuals.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Judy and Sam Goodman and their family.

This year Mardi Gras as celebrated traditionally in New Orleans which would have been last week on Feb. 16th also known as "Fat Tuesday" was closed down as a result of Covid. But the next day Wednesday Feb. 17th "Ash Wednesday" was observed by the Christian faithful everywhere. A bit of history....the concept of marking one's head with ashes on this day is said to have originated during the papacy of Gregory the Great (509-604) and as a sign of sorrow and repentance for sin. Ash Wednesday marks the onset of the Lent, a 40 day period of fasting and abstinence. Though originated by the Roman Catholics and subsequently embraced by all Christian denominations. Ash Wednesday is related to Mardi Gras, Carnival Lent and Easter.

Speaking of Holidays of faith.....Today February 25th is the Hebrew Holiday called Purim. This commemorates the saving of the Jewish people from Hamen a Persian Empire official who planned to kill all the Jews, as accounted in the Book of Esther usually dated back to the 5th century BC. With the intervention of Mordecai (Hamen's cousin) and his adopted daughter who became the Queen of Persia foiled Hamen's plan. Purim is celebrated by Jews everywhere exchanging gifts of food and drink, donating to charity with other customs including wearing masks and costumes, and eating hamentaschen (a triangular pastry folded to hold the fruit filling commonly prunes are used). Basically Purim is a festive day celebrating the deliverance of the Jews from imminent doom.

Thought our readers would like to know..........

Stay well, stay safe..............until then.


Two notable occasions are scheduled to be observed this coming weekend. Both Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day this year, are overlapping each other. Valentine’s day is celebrated on the 14th of February which. falls on different days of the week every year. While Presidents’ Day comes on the third Monday in February every year. This year both the traditional "lovers’ holiday" and the official Presidents’ Day coincide on the same weekend.

Did you know....St. Valentine also known as the feast of St. Valentine is to be celebrated by sending greeting cards and gifts, dating and church services.....a celebration of love and affection. Presidents’ weekend (this year falls on February 15th) formally known as Washington's Birthday actually also it includes Lincoln's birthday is neither the actual birthdays of either President! When I was a young man Washington's birthday was celebrated on his actual birthday of February 22nd and Lincoln's birthday was celebrated on February 12th his actual birthday, as this year it is on the 15th of February! I believe with the commercialism as with the sanctity of most holidays it was decided years ago to have one big "bash", call it a Presidents weekend to create retail sales and even extend these sales in the name of Presidents’ Day for at least a week if not more!

A similar concept has overtaken Valentine’s Day. Hallmark and other providers of greeting cards are raking in lots of sales. Every chocolate candy vendor as well is giddy over the enormous sales that this day brings. Valentine’s Day to the man knows that by not acknowledging this day to the wife or girlfriend he will sleep in the Dog House for a time to be determined by the lovely lady in his life!

Admittedly I have been known to buy a Valentine’s Card and accompanying gift the last minute. I mean the very last minute when the best greeting cards are already sold out leaving myself and other hapless men to perusing the leftover bottom of the barrel cards that are left. Not this year folks...I bought a Valentine’s Card in January and have it hidden until the right time this month!

Having lived here in South Florida for over 10 years after a lifetime of Northern climes (Brooklyn and Long Island ) I have morphed into a true Floridian as I am complaining of the cold winter mornings here. 45 degrees, which used to feel like spring up North, now feels like a frozen tundra in Alaska! When I receive photos of my family up North enjoying the frigid climate while playing in the snow, I have to put on a sweater to remain comfortably warm!

Just want to leave you with this thought.....change for the sake of change I believe called for the saying "buyer beware", leading to "buyers remorse". This holds true with every facet of life, whether in communities as well as government!

With that said, Happy Valentines Day and watch your budget on Presidents’ Day

Stay well, be safe,........ until then

My twin granddaughters, 

Mommy behind Mr. Snowman....

Winter in Massachusetts


It seems as though the first month of this new year flew by quickly. Here we are a couple of days from February and I still pause at times to write 2021 on a check. As we are in the early stages of distribution of the approved vaccines with two additional vaccines to be approved in the coming few weeks, the masses if you will remain unvaccinated. This means that our community basically has limited activities. Yes water exercises are going on but virtually mostl clubs and organizations are at a standstill due to Covid.

I recently took part in the Men's Club Board Meeting where struggling to remain relevant was discussed. SO another Cigar Night has been scheduled for mid February. All paid up members and new residents who wish to join by signing up at the event are invited. No you do not have to be a smoker! Consuming hot dogs, sides and beverages will be served while schmoozing will be on the menu as well!

There are other goings on such as the Landscape Committee whose 6 members are headed by Sharon Tyner, and the library headed by Susan Gittelman and Pat Buonfiglio. I suggest that you check it out. In addition the We Care CB has remained active as well, headed by Katherine Busch assisted by Judy Goodman and volunteer drivers to help those of you who need assistance getting to Doctor and Laboratory appointments. Shout out to Keith Graybill who heads the Saw and Hammer Hobby Shop. Keith has upgraded the facility and is available for all residents, appointments are necessary. The Book Lovers Club remains active under the guidance of Lois Latman, they meet the third Tuesday of the month. Until everyone completes having vaccinations will social events then be considered to resume.

Stay well, stay safe.............until then

One of the identical twins mimicking Snow White. That is my granddaughter on the left!!


A new year has begun and everyone of us hopes it's better than the last one! At least we now have several vaccines available to tackle the Covid 19 pandemic! As vaccines are gradually starting to reach the general public, this alone hopefully will give everyone cause to enjoy a sense of relief. Our society will once again enjoy the basic "freedoms" we had been taking for granted pre-Covid like going shopping in grocery stores, crowded Malls, sitting in a movie theatre, dining comfortably in favorite restaurants, partaking in amenities and activities offered in our communities and most of all visiting family and friends in a myriad of occasions. I for one am also looking forward to again singing with the Club Singers a large ensemble of men and women in south Florida as well as in the Temple Choir. These things will all come gradually come to fruition within the next few months!

The Men’s Club has scheduled an outdoor activity to take place on Tuesday Jan. 12th in the early evening in the picnic areas...cigar night. For paid up members or residents looking to join up. Even if you don’t smoke come and wolf down hot dogs and refreshments and schmooze with your fellow neighbors. In recent years we had scheduled a CB Olympics. However this year due to the COVID-19 limiting most of the Olympic games and, based on the clamor of voices wanting to participate in Bocce, the MC will see if it’s practical to just have the ever popular Bocce Tournament. The Men’s Club decided to try for Bocce and to disregard suggestions like skiing and ice skating (ha ha only kidding).

No doubt within the next few months many other activities will once again come to life.

Stay well , be safe...... until then

Arnie Dickerman’s twin granddaughters

on skis up in Massachusetts.


With this issue of the Condo News, this unforgettable year 2020 comes to a well deserved end! Overshadowing this year was the Covid-19 pandemic that caused an illness to close down much of the country and with too many poor souls to succumb to this China scourge. With a project named Warp Speed the President got the leaders in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry as well as the appropriate government agencies to join the imperative effort to produce vaccines and to get the regulatory agencies to move speedily with the goal to develop safe and effective vaccines in record time. The ingenuity of our scientists working in the pharma industry came through with safe effective vaccines which then were approved quickly. Massive distribution effort began and will continue into the new year.

The new year 2021 will see a demise of the Covid-19 and our society will return to "normal". Business's like restaurants will reopen though many had to go out of business, movie houses will once again welcome large audiences and hotels will entertain guests residents, schools will return to normal attendance and hopefully social distancing and face masks will become history. Covered Bridge will begin to schedule activities with the Men's Club and the Friday Niters sponsoring dances. Like an emerging butterfly coming out of its cocoon our residents will once more emerge from their villas and participate in the amenities that were enjoyed prior to this pandemic. It’s expected that life will return to normal by the summer of the year coming up. Meanwhile Zoom meetings , virtual visits on FaceTime and wearing masks keeping social distancing should be followed. We are very near the end of the tunnel.

I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas.

I want to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone a very Happy New Year and a Heathy one as well.

2021 will be a better year ( its gotta be)

Stay well be safe ......until then

Covered Bridge Community 

Christmas Tree


Well it's now mid-December approaching the end of the year 2020, and it is probably an understatement to say that it has been the most unique year of our lives with the Covid19 Pandemic! Each and everyone of us everywhere has been affected by this scourge in one way or another. Regarding this holiday season Thanksgiving and Hanukkah with next week the Christmas celebration and jumping ahead to New Years, our traditional ways of celebrating were and will be restrictive and limiting. There is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. With the introduction of the vaccines and relative quickness to getting vaccinated and getting the masses vaccinated relatively soon we all could look forward to returning to a normal life (pre-Covid19) within a short time. Here at Covered Bridge our large outdoor Hanukkah Menorah standing and huge Christmas Tree both standing in front of our clubhouse will be decorated and lit for the duration of the month. I was asked to lead the Hanukkah Menorah lighting ceremony on the eve of this holiday. By the way in researching facts I came across the meaning of the word hanukkah, It means "dedication". Hey it's getting cold in these parts. Last week the outside nighttime temperature went downn to the low 40's.

I know I am spoiled now living in south Florida for sometime. My family up north would settle for this temp at this time.of year. I recently observed an elderly resident walking his dog in the early morning. The man was wearing a ski cap pulled down over his ears, a quilted winter jacket and gloves. Probably by afternoon when the temp reached 70 degrees he would remove his ....gloves! The other day our Board discussed the Covered Bridge 50th anniversary coming up next year and asked for suggestions of how to celebrate the occasion. Hopefully we will have an in-person live event. Someone mentioned that depending upon when we have the anniversary gala if face covering may still be required, I suggested then having a "Masked Ball"!

With this said, I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas

P.S I do hope that everyone paused to reflect this past December 7th the day of infamy when Pearl Harbor was attacked prompting the war in the Pacific.

Stay well, be safe ............until then

Arnie Dickerman with Menorah 

in front of the

Covered Bridge Cubhouse



What a year 2020 has been thus far. Now being in the final month of this tough year... December, while the Covid19 scourge is still rampant we are very close to having vaccines to defeat this virus in the new year. This can't come soon enough as we all look forward to receiving an effective vaccine and hopefully to be able to once again returning to a normal life as we led pre-Covid19. Thanks to the present administration's "warp speed" program together with the advancements in the scientific community in developing therapeutics and vaccines these life saving treatments have been created in record time. Handshakes, hugging and kissing our loved ones is something we all will enjoy very soon.

Celebrating this past Thanksgiving with it's restrictions and on their limitations hopefully didn't cause too much discomfort. My family and I had our Thanksgiving dinner in a wonderful restaurant as we sat outdoors dining removing our masks to stuff ourselves on a traditional menu. As December also brings us more festive occasions namely Hanukkah and Christmas everyone will celebrate with caution and safety in mind as well.

Zoom has taken up a part of our lives. Ok for business or other types of meetings and get togethers but not for holiday festivities. Imagine being on a virtual Zoom Thanksgiving dinner. Family all in their homes sitting by their computers feasting our eyes on a virtual turkey dinner as my mouth watered drooling on my computer. OK there can be benefits like a no calorie fare and not needing antacids in addition to being able to "leave" the gathering without explaining....just log off and say the computer "crashed"!

I noticed that there once again is a shortage of toilet paper. This seems to correlate with the increase of Covid19 cases. Do you understand this? ... (I don''t)

Stay safe, stay healthy ration your toilet paper ... until then.


The sentiment felt on November 11th... Veteran's Day, was filled with thoughts of those who served in the military and the dedicated service men and service women presently on active duty. Yes we displayed our American Flag. Many years ago my father and I would take the subway to Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn to join with other spectators standing on Eastern Parkway to observe the military parade where tanks and marching military bands would play the themes of the various services and a sense of pride would prevail. Presently one of my grandsons, Andrew, who is enrolled at Hofstra University in Long Island. He was awarded a scholarship as he also enrolled in the ROTC. He phoned me the other day to tell me about his recent experience in an Army training event. Actually a long weekend of basic training. Also his pursuit of attending West Point next year. Actually he is making progress in that pursuit to fulfill entering the military as a West Point graduate.....and so the cycle continues.

As I write this article and being enrolled in the Astra Zeneca clinical trial for their Covid19 vaccine, I already received my second of two "shots" nose swabs and blood samples which are taken at each visit. Actually as reported in the news, this vaccine will shortly be announced as getting approval by the FDA to start making it available, as did Pfizers entry has already done. Only thing as of this moment in time, I don't know if I have been getting the placebo or the "real thing".

With the Covid19 Pandemic still going on, let’s turn to one of my favorite holidays ... Thanksgiving!

Traditional foods, Turkey of course and all of the trimmings are on the menu. However, sharing this wonderful food with family and friends is pretty much off the table ... if you will. The pandemic thus far has created restrictions that for all intents and purposes has taken most families and friends to have limited celebrations. Even with limits in place, there is no limit on gorging oneself on the food. In fact if the traditional dinner doesn't stuff you just as the Turkey gets stuffed and post dessert doesn't call for Alka Seltzer, you haven't celebrated properly.

So (burp) enjoy your Thanksgiving best you can under these circumstances, and look forward to a great holiday season!

Stay healthy, stay safe ... until then ...

Andrew (second from left)

being sworn in to the ROTC


With all of the mail-in ballots yet to be counted, and it’s two days after Election Day, we should know who won in the next few days (or weeks). Remember years gone bye when you sat up most of the election night to find out who would be our President! We can definitely count on November 11th Veterans Day (a.k.a Armistice Day) to honor all military veterans. This holiday was first celebrated November 11th, 1919, as major hostilities of WW1 were formally ended at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918! One of November's highlights in my family is November1st, this year on that day my identical twin granddaughters Sienna and Jordan celebrated their 4th birthday. Thankfully we are officially out of the hurricane season! Good thing too as we will soon have run out of names for the tropical depressions and hurricanes!

Speaking of birthdays this issue of the Condo News begins its 50th year of being published, coinciding with the 50 years of the beginning of Covered Bridge's existence. May both continue to flourish into the future. Everyone is weary of the Covid19 Pandemic, as this affects us all. As one of the few communities that has had an organization to drive elderly residents to and from to their medical appointments for the past over 25 years, this program called "We Care", has been put on hold ironically due to the pandemic itself! Hopefully within the next couple of months with 6 vaccines in phase 3 clinical trials we will in the near future be able to resume this important service Covered Bridge offers!

Once the vaccines are readily available we will be ready to resume our usual activities!

Stay well, be safe ... until then

Arnie Dickerman’s granddaughters,

Sienna and Jordan.

They are identical twins. They celebrated their 4th birthdays on November 1st.


The days grow short from June to December as the verse states in the song "September Song." By now the daylight dwindles down a little after 7pm. Soon with the upcoming change to EST in early November when we turn our clocks back one hour it will be dark at dinner time. Obviously I miss the long sunshine days of summer.

With all of the PC crowd trying to keep Columbus Day under a cloud, this past October 12th nearly slipped me by until I went to check my "snail Mail." Without even one unsolicited piece of mail in the box it dawned on me that after all Columbus Day is in fact a holiday!

As among my activities that are in a hold pattern, the Club Singers of which I have been singing with 65 other voices the past 12 years is on Covid provoked hiatus. Our professional Director as with all of our members timely get together virtually on Zoom to stay in touch. Since Zoom doesn't have the capability of being able to accommodate synchronized singing, we chat and share personal discussions. This past week a Zoom session was originated by our musical director.

This past Friday I attended a scheduled visit to the Vaccine Center to receive my second of two "shots" as part of the ongoing clinical study run by Astra Zeneca as the Covid19 vaccine is in its third phase of development. One thing to point out as this is a double blind study I as the personnel there don't know if I am getting the vaccine or a placebo. It was pointed out to me when I asked about my not experiencing side affects that the vaccine itself doesn't have to have side affects. So here I am hoping that I am receiving the vaccine as opposed to a placebo which I won't know until such time when Astra Zeneca finds that it will be appropriate to notify us volunteers.

As Palm Beach County is now in Phase-3 this allows our clubhouse and pools to be opened however as with all activities in public settings facial covering and social distancing with limited participation be acted upon.

Our community has been in the process of a transition from our existing cable company of the past ten years to a new cable company. As of the switch over will be taking place this November first!

Election Day this coming November 3rd when we vote for President obviously is a very important election. So if you already voted in early voting or waiting to vote in person on November 3rd, I hope that you accept the outcome with reverence for the office and the man who will occupy the White House for four years.

In closing I want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Daylight Savings Time ENDS and Standard Time BEGINS on November 1st. You will be moving your clocks BACK One Hour!

Stay well, be safe ... until then

In The Club Singers of Covered Bridge


We are one week into October and the snowbirds will be coming to start a new season to join all of us. Their usual anticipation just as our all year round residents who, in past years, looked forward to enjoying a full slate of clubhouse events and social gatherings which, no doubt, are to say the least, limited or on hold. With Covid19 in the back of everyone's mind, the one thing we will collectively enjoy is our south Florida weather. A major amenity being our swimming pools have just opened from dawn to dusk, however it is monitored to see that social distancing with limited numbers of folks at any one time using the pools is adhered too. With some loosening, though limited to masks and social distancing and number of attending allowed to 50% capacity, consideration to have in person meetings may be forthcoming. Meanwhile that remains in the realm of virtual zoom meetings for now. Though the Men's Club is not having breakfasts and other functions their monthly newsletter is being published and distributed to all residents. We traditionally enjoyed the Friday Nighter's Halloween Dance where attendees came wearing elaborate costumes and the various themed dances. This year that will be missed sorely. Not to be outdone the Men's Club who had wonderful dances however is not scheduled thus far and possibly very late in the season, depending on the virus situation, a dance may not be out of the reality. That will be if one or more of the vaccines now in phase 3 trial will be available for us. Taking a look at the first Bulletin centerfold which shows the present month's activities, or lack of ... says it all!

This entire year will be something for the books to chatter about for years to come.

Two issues ago my identical twin granddaughters were highlighted and the following issue published highlighted my two middle grandchildren, with this issue my older granddaughter Sara and her fiancee Paul plus her brother Matthew appear. Folks that's it! As all grandparents everywhere I am very proud of my six grandchildren.

With that said, stay safe stay healthy ... until then

My granddaughter Sara and her fiancée Paul

My grandson Matthew (Matt)


The fall season is into it's third day, as we leave the summer of 2020 behind. While the weather hasn't changed from the very hot summer we experienced, we can look forward to cooler nights and reasonably warm days ahead. With the Covid19 virus still plaguing the world at large, so are we feeling the effects. For example religious services of all faiths have turned "virtual". For example last week the Jewish faith services celebrating Rosh Hashanah were on "Zoom", with the holiest holiday Yom Kippor culminating the Jewish New Year this coming Sunday September 27th. Again this service will be held on "Zoom". For those faithful fasting every year on Yom Kippor it certainly will not be virtual!

With Palm Beach County having entered Phase 2, which means that particular heretofore restrictions on many activities are being lifted, this is allowing our community to consider limited access to our clubhouse and amenities.

On a personal note, my beloved late wife Maddy has just spent her second birthday in heaven.

I would like to also share my recent and ongoing participation of taking part in a clinical study for one of the vaccines being tested. I pursued the opportunity to join in this clinical trial before receiving the first of two injections into my arm at the initial visit. I was given an extensive time to filling out forms on a tablet all dealing with what will be taking place in this study emphasizing my consent to continue to move forward. I then received a physicians medical examination including the drawing of blood. Finally I got my "shot". Unknowing to myself and the staff as this is a "double blind study" the injection into my upper arm was either the vaccine or a placebo. Every day for 8 days I had to fill out a report called an an "E-Diary" on my computer from home on possible side effects. I had no reactions. This ongoing trial will continue with other visits to have blood tested and to receive the second shot and more scheduled folllowups. It has been a trailblazer for the licensing of this vaccine and the betterment of the community at large. This will among other things be the solution to be able to hug your loved ones safely again! This virus will be conquered!!

The 19th anniversary of 9/11 occurred almost two weeks ago. I can recall where I was upon hearing and seeing the horrific terrorist attack on American soil for the very first time. Likewise, everyone else reading this article can remember where they were and what they were doing when this tragic attack occurred.

One of my grandsons, Andrew, who attends college via scholarships, is also in the ROTC. He intends to enroll at West Point! His sister Paige just entered High School in an honor program! Proud grandpa (me) attached photos.

Stay well, stay safe.......until then...

Arnie’s grandson 


Arnie’s granddaughter 



What a year this has been to date. Covid19 has been playing a primary role and affecting everyone in every aspect of our lives. Now that Labor Day is behind us, the summer is unofficially over. Guess just as Memorial Day marked the unofficial start of summer with July 4th closely following and this past weekend holiday which came and went, the customary celebrations we all have enjoyed every year took a holiday too, as we were protecting our health and safety from this scourge since it appeared. Notwithstanding the real progress of an effective vaccine and medical treatments are on a fast track which is truly hopeful, we seniors are still hunkering down until the aforementioned become available. Being able to touch, hug and kiss our loved ones again is something I and all of you are yearning to do, as well as to emerge from the safety of the cocoon in which we now reside.

Moving forward there are religious and national holidays coming up by years end. Virtual celebrating just can't replace the emotions felt by the real thing.....but Zoom we will if still necessary! "Going out to eat" has taken on a new meaning for us, now it means going out for "curbside pickup" and taking it back home to enjoy. Visiting and joining others is virtual (thank goodness for Facetime and Zoom). I miss sitting in a movie theater as opposed to sitting on a couch watching reruns on TV. How quickly customs and perceptions have become. Now a masked man walking into a bank to take out money is acceptable and is the new reality, Even Dillinger would turn over in his grave learning of this new phenomenon.

While most of us remain sheltered at home during this pandemic let's remember the front line and medical personnel, Firefighters who double as providers of emergency calls, police, and cashiers at supermarkets,truck drivers who deliver to the markets, and the myriad of workers out there who service us despite putting themselves at risk!

Stay safe, stay well...........until then

One of our favorite features is the Grandparents’ Brag Book. 

Pictured at right contributed by Arnie Dickerman are his son and 

identical twin granddaughters: Sienna, Daddy Jayson and Jordan.


By the time you read this article, Labor Day the unofficial end of summer, will be in one and a half weeks from now. Yes with the holiday always falling on the first Monday of September, this year its on September 7th (Florida schools would ordinarily start mid August). As I was brought up in N.Y. school always started the day after Labor Day. Only this particular time it is somewhat unusual and traditions like the time to return to school is very uncertain due to the Covid19 virus still plaguing us and the rest of the world. There is much anticipation for one of at least six vaccines that are in phase 3 of development will be available by years end or before, makes one see and hope that the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to glow. It will certainly be wonderful to hug and kiss the grandchildren again, to visit family and friends, eat inside favorite restaurants and once again not to live with the fear of becoming infected by this scourge.

Covered Bridge is in the process of having our new cable service installed.

My identical twin granddaughters who will be four years old this November were Flower Girls at a recent wedding (social distancing with the Rabbi wearing a mask) did their thing. Photo attached.

Almost everything at this time is done virtually. Be it our Zoom Board Meeting or singing with the large vocal ensemble where I am singing tenor. As we now can access a physician on line with Virtual Medicine where I can speak and see my Doctor is the new phenomenon, too bad that I can’t get a virtual prostate exam, which would really be great.

Normally, if I would have gone into my bank wearing a mask and asking the teller for cash, I no doubt would be behind bars, now however, during these times I wear a mask upon entering my bank and the teller happily welcomes me when I ask for money....and honors my request!

Hopefully in the very near future with the availability of a vaccine we will again be able to physically show our affection to our loved ones without distancing and covering our faces. Kissing with a mask on just isn’t the same!

Stay well, be safe.........until then


It is August and we just got off very fortunate with the threat posed by "Isaias" which here in Palm Beach County, labeled as a strong Tropical Storm, fizzled out. Unfortunately, as it traveled northward, it has become a damaging hurricane to the coastal states. But don't take a big sigh of relief yet as the "Hurricane Season" ends in November. Our community did not get even a "scratch" collectively for which we are thankful! For just a couple of days with the approaching storm I watched the Weather Channel which took my mind off Covid19 virus.

Speaking of Covid19 ... like all surrounding communities, we have our clubhouse locked down with limited pool hours attended by limited number of residents allowed in each of our two pools. Our office staff is returning to work which we looked forward to taking place.

Happy to report that when venturing outside of their villas the residents are wearing masks and apparently following safety precautions. I am very pleased to take up from where I left off and will be submitting my articles which now appear in the CondoNews Online as well and may be viewed Scroll down the condo writers’ pictures on the right side of the page to Covered Bridge and click on my picture to see our page. Or go directly to

That page is on the Clubhouse Gallery page. It is one of the Gallery "Rooms". There much to be read and seen (photos) - current article and photos from past years.

I am a "news junkie", as many of you may be, I have seen very recent reports regarding vaccine development as late as today of huge success in human trials toward having everyone vaccinated in the very near future, possibly by December.

That will be a Godsend. Perhaps we will return to some "normal life" with that on the horizon.

Meanwhile stay safe, stay well..........until then


In past seasons we would celebrate Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day to mark the summer activities . In the mix would also be sponsored pancake breakfasts as well as a mid-summer Barbeque. The pools would be teeming with swimmers and water aerobics and clubhouse use for Bingo and card and mahjong games would draw crowds.

The concerns were activities to make summer joyful for the full time residents.

People freely mingled and the usual socializing pool side was looked forward to socializing.

To paraphrase Shakespeare.......

To wear a mask or not ...that is the question! This symbolizes where we are in today’s environment.

I for one wear a mask as proposed, wash my hands frequently, practice social distancing. We recently held our Board Elections virtually on Zoom and our clubhouse is shut down. We have been monitoring the limited rules on the number of people allowed at our pools. While our senior community stays mostly indoors we have not seen an outbreak of Covid 19. Thank goodness.

We wait with bated breath for a vaccine to free us from this scourge.

My closing tag is more meaningful than ever........

Stay well, be safe....until then

Includes events at all facilities ...

Also, "Now" and "Then" photos (scroll down)

Photos by Arnie Dickerman

Celebrating 99th Birthday!!

Audrey Levy (center) is surrounded by friends at Covered Bridge celebrating Audrey’s 99th birthday.

Photo by Arnie Dickerman

July 4th, 2016, at Covered Bridge

Left to right: 

Dave Friedland and 

Al Zimmerman (note his outfit), 

at the grilling station.

Left to right: 

Rochelle Friedland, 

Nellie Litevsky 

(organizer of this event) 

and Judy Goodman, 

working in the kitchen preparing 

all of the side dishes.

Left to right:

Sam Goodman and Arlene Rose, assisting serving attendees.

103 year old "Essie" who 

is the scorekeeper in 

her regular Canasta group!

Ruth Olinsky

greeting attendees.

Pancake/Sausage Breakfast at Covered Bridge

Al Zimmerman,

taking a welcome break from working the Grilling Station.

Left to right: 

Barbara Datri, 

Mary (Arena) Rossi,

Dave Datri, 

Lou Rossi, 

Rosemarie Zimmerman.

Covered Bridge's Property Management Company

Covered Bridge 

Property Management Company staff

Merciella Bell and Dennis Buschel, Seacrest Management Co. V. P..

Merciella celebrated her 20th anniversary with Seacrest.

On Monday, May 2nd, Ms. Merciella Bell, employed by our Property Management Company, a wonderful dedicated lady who daily cleans and cares for our clubhouse, was honored by her employer to mark her 20th anniversary in their employ. Our Office Staff and Our Maintenance Crew all who are employed by the Management Company as well as our Board Members were invited to a lunch provided by the VP of Seacrest Dennis Buschel to attend.

Haddassah November 2015 Meeting

President of " Lee Vasill Chapter": Linda Brock Cohen, presenting to Natalie Finver & Fran Buschin

Diane Sieven, Janice Bennet, Blanche Berk, Shirley Urben

We Care Luncheon

Edith Forman, Herbie Cohen, 

Jean Triano, Thelma Cohen

Hal Berman, Mary Romano, 

Holly Schuman, Ira Falkenstein, Janet Bennet, Sophie Wozniak

Millie Freeman, Janice Christie, 

Ira Falkenheimer, Sam Goodman, Judy Goodman, Jean Kaplow, Katherine Busch, 

Maddy Dickerman. 

Arnie Dickerman

Halloween Party

Terri Schneller

Bob Tyner, 

Marylou Graybill,

Keith Graybill

Maddy Dickerman and the "girls" went out for lunch to help Maddy celebrate her 75th Birthday which was on September 21st. 

(Back left to right) 

Judy Goodman, Ethel Brownstein, Nellie Litevsky, Ruth Olinsky, 

Ellen Keslow,
(Front seated left to right) 

Toby Reiss,
Maddy Dickerman

Presentation by Palm Beach Fire Dept. on CPR and instructions on use of new AED Defibrillator located in Clubhouse Auditorium

Capt. Charles Coyle , PB Fire Rescue Presenting CPR and 

AED Defibrillator lecture and demonstration

Attendees at the 

PB Fire Rescue program

Sam Goodman and our own Carlos Maintenance Supervisor and 

CPR training manikin.

Summer "Outdoors People" at Covered Bridge Pool

Mike Turner



Al Zimmerman

in the pool

Rochelle Friedland

Old Glory Proudly Flies at 

Covered Bridge Clubhouse

Annual Mothers' Day Luncheon

Men's Club members acted as waiters for the Mother's Day luncheon:

L-R: Tim Mazza, Ira Falkenheim, Bob Tyner, Herb Zeiman, 

Vinnie Corona, Bob Kleinberg, Sam Goodman, Gil Linn, Al Zimmerman

Olympics Winners 2015


(l-r) Elaine Evans, Coordinator 

Jean Kaplow, Olympics Chairperson (Camera shy) Nicole Mercier and Bernard Godbout, Winning Team


(l-r) Pat Leach, Winner 

Jean Kaplow, Olympics Chairperson


(l-r) Dino Dalmolin, Winning Team member of 2 member team (Camera shy) Sheila Weisman, Justin Aquaviva, Coordinator


(l-r) Joe Cornell, Winner; 

Tom Wiemer, Coordinator

After weeks of competition in the CB Olympics, where over 100 participants of the five events competed in bocce, tennis, horseshoes, croquet and rummique the winners attended an exclusive celebration sponsored by the Men’s Club on the afternoon of April 16th, in our clubhouse. Their spouses and significant others gathered to an awards ceremony enjoying coffee and cake as the crowd gave the recipients cheers for their accomplishments.

Men's Club: Back to the '50s


Carol Mazza, Danny Lore, 

Ermie Molinary

Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Ennis

Elvis, Dave Friedland, 

vocalist and accompanist

Italian Night, March 7, 2015, 

Mock Wedding Ceremony

(Left to right) 

Winnie Convertini, (bride) 

Arnie Dickerman, 

Joe Llorens, Nellie Litevsky, 

Joe a Cornell

(Left to right) 

Shelly Zandel, Terri Mirolla

(Left to right) 

Joe Sheber, Linda Brock Cohen, Nellie Litevsky , Joe Cornell

This is the real "Bride" and her "Groom " of 56 years this June 7th.
Maddy & Arnie Dickerman

Saturday evening, March 7 2015, at the Covered Bridge annual Italian Night, which featured a mock wedding ceremony followed by a reception dinner, with home made meatballs, pasta, salad and coffee and desserts took place. There were 100 "guests" at the wedding including the wedding party. The groom marrying his very pregnant bride, cajoled by her gun toting mobster father, her mother and her father’s floozy girl friend, the officiating minister who spoke in different broken English from varying dialects, the cross dressing ushers and maidens, the best man, ring bearer and flower girl, even the wedding planner all used adlibs to enhance the characters portrayed. The entire "affair" was a complete joy and success based on the commentary voiced by the attending crowd. Good food and entertaining provided by the zany wedding party made this years Italian Wedding the talk of the (town).

February Flurry of Activities 

Friday Niters presented 

"Mystery Night", a whodunit with a wonderful cast consisting of our own top thespians: (from left)  

Ira Falkenheim, Jean Johnston,

Joanne Schneller, Dino Dalmolin, Terri Merolla, Joe Llorens, Perry Palmer, Joe Sheber, Elaine Evans.

(from left) 

Arnie Dickerman, 

Herbie Cohen,

Thelma Cohen, Al Levy 

at monthly sing-along.

Happy New Year! 2015

Maddy D and Nellie Litevsky

Forefront: Frank and Susan Scheer

Holiday Decorating and Lighting, Dec. 16th & 19th

Blanche Berk

Elliot Taubenslag, Francine Vinacco

Carol Maza, presenting the completed Christmas Tree

Decorating The Indoor 

Christmas Tree:
Front: Cathy Hogan, Carol Maza; Rear: Joe L.,Terri Merolla, 

Dino Dalmolin;

Hidden: Sharon Tyner, Joe Cornell

Men's Club Pancake Breakfast, 

Nov. 16, 2014

"Master Chef" 

Al Zimmerman

Halloween, 2014

Barbara and

Dave Datri

Marylou Graybill

Linda Brock Cohen

Tim Mazza

Ginny Cornell

Nick Kirschner

Labor Day Barbecue, Sept. 2014

Myrna and Elliot Taubenslag

Dave and Barbara Datri

Maddy Dickerman and Ruth Olinsky

Nellie Letevski and Ted Kaufer

Al and Rosemarie Zimmerman

Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.) Volunteers

Leading "Unit 86" (left to right)
Terry Mirolla, Trainer; 

Gil Lin, Captain (retired);
Flo Lin, Lieutenant; 

Michael Halzel, Major;
Richard Silverman, Lieutenant (ret.);

and a Sheriff’s deputy in background.

Covered Bridge 


Swimming Pool 

Exercise Group

Celebrating Fourth of July, 2014

Some of our CB folks got together in our clubhouse to share the early evening on July 4th with a Pot Luck dining event. Our own Yankee Doodle Dandy, aka  Al Popper, pictured at right,  who was born on the fourth of July, a number of decades ago, was presented with a birthday cake.

Rosemarie & Al Zimmerman 

were among those who attended the Pot Luck.

April 30, 2014 Picnic/BBQ 

Sunday, April 30, 2014, an informal picnic/barbecue took place in our picnic area. The folks who attended, including myself, enjoyed the camaraderie and the opportunity to say some good-byes to a few snowbirds.

Hi Tea, April 6, 2014

featuring Lake Worth High School Chorus

The Lake Worth High School Chorus, 

led by their director and pianist Mr. Weatherspoon

Men's Club's 2nd Annual 

"Back to the Fifties" Social,

March 29, 2014

"Elvis" with Irene Goldberg


Photo by Arnie Dickerman

Tennis Finals, 2014

Photo by Arnie Dickerman

Front, left to right: Finalists Elaine Evans, Ernie Loucel, Rosemarie Ryan, Roger Fraser and the entire "Olympic" competitors behind them. First place women's champion: Rosemarie Ryan; Second place: Elaine Evans. Men's: Ernie Loucel and Rover Fraser tied for first place. Prizes awarded courtesy of the Men's Club. Congratulations to all.

Bocci Finals at Covered Bridge, 2014

Emmy Neclario

Paul Hennigan

Lillian Cambell

Chuck Sciandra

December 2013

Mae Schwartz (center) with daughters Lisa (left) and Robin. Mae celebrated her birthday this month and was honored by the Covered Bridge Hadassah Organization as Woman of the Year. Mae's two daughters surprised her with their presence.

Friday Nighters Dance, Nov. 15, 2013

Not in particular order – group from Canada: Jean-Claude Cortes, Micheline Beauchamp, Lucette Messier, Jean-Louis Messier, Jean Dagorn, Muriel Schmidtke, Sylvie Beauchamp, Solange Gingras, Jackie, Patrick Pon, Annie Pon.

Tennis Courts

Photo by Arnie Dickerman

Our newly refurbished tennis courts have been completed. Pictured above are tennis aficionados who participated in the grand opening of the courts: Arnie Dickerman kneeling, and, Rosemary Ryan, Roger Fraser, Nina and Ernie Loucel, Elaine Evans, Joe Scheber, Bob Warmus, Keith Graybill, Tim Mazza, Effie Wright

New Feature:

Now and Then

Photos from present and past

From Arnie Dickerman: I am introducing a new feature to my column (Condo News print newspaper and Condo News Online Clubhouse Gallery). Since most of our fellow friends and neighbors met in their senior years, I thought it would be interesting to see how they appeared in their younger years. This feature became a hit since its first appearance in the September 4th issue. Photos are below as they appeared in the print version. 

"Now" photos by Arnie Dickerman

Judy and Sam Goodman-now

Judy and Sam Goodman-then

Marge Stramiello - now

Mr. & Mrs. Stramiello-then

Maddy & Arnie Dickerman-now

Arnie & Maddy Dickerman-then

Ginny and Joe Cornell-now

Ginny and Joe Cornell-then

Al & Rosemarie Zimmerman - now

Rosemarie & Al Zimmerman - then

Elliot & Myrna Taubenslag - now

Myrna & Elliot Taubenslag - then

Marge Stramiello - now

Marge Stramiello - then

Herb & Marlene Zeiman now

Herb then

Marlene then

October 2nd issue: 

Herbie & Thelma Cohen now and at their 1960 wedding.

September 18, 2013 issue: 

Arline & Harvey Rose at Harvey's 90th birthday bash 

and at their wedding.

September 4, 2013 issue:     

Edith Forman Now and Then. 

Covered Bridge Poolside

Maureen Schofield is enjoying the Covered Bridge pool

Clubhouse Library Dedication

Thelma Cohen and

 Herbie Green (center) and 

Arnie Dickerman (in dark shirt).

This Plaque created by our own Artisan Al Popper will be placed in the Clubhouse Library

Our Clubhouse Library Dedication to officially name it "The Thelma Cohen Library", with Thelma and her hubby Herbie present for the occasion brought out a large crowd of well wishers to witness the ceremony. Thelma an unassuming lady who for the past 20 years served as librarian, graciously accepted the plaque, which will be placed in the library for everyone entering our beautiful facility to observe. Her exemplary service to Covered Bridge extended beyond her library duties.

Thelma also has headed our "We Care" volunteer service, and has, in addition, collected over 5,000 used eyeglass frames, during this time period, which have been turned over to The Lion’s Club who in turn sends them to Third World Countries to be used there.

March 2013 Happenings

Back to the '50s Night; Annual Art Show; 

Bocce & Tennis; St. Patrick's Breakfast

Back to the ‘50s Night: 

Sylvia & Chuck

Doris & Bob

Flo & Bob

Annual Art Show

Artist Stan Reis

Bocce Winners: l-r

Ron Neclario and Ermie Molinary 

with Steve Molinari


Pancake Breakfast 


Men's Club Breakfast, Jan. 13th

Every second Sunday of each month The Men’s Club members have the opportunity to enjoy a great breakfast and a featured entertainer. Bob Harding and Flo Ferger enjoy a dance to the music.

Photo by Arnie Dickerman

New Year's Eve Celebration, 2012-2013

(Forefront l-r) 

Bob, Rita G. & Francine

(Forefront l-r) 

Naomi, Judy K. & Howard

(L-r) Harvey & Arline, Ted & Nellie

Judy & Sam

Myrna & Elliott

Pamela & Rick

Holloween Dance Party, 

Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012

Arline & Harvey

Carol & Tim

Elaine & Joe

Linda & Terri

Mike, Elaine & Francine

Patti & Billo

Linda Brock Cohen

Monthly Men's Club Breakfast, October 2012

Men’s Club Members always help prepare for the Breakfasts. Pictured are (left to right) 

Henry Siegel, Al Zimmerman, 

Herb Zeiman, Herbie Cohen, 

Al Shoengold, 

the platter holds "Nova".

(left to right) 

taking a forced (by me) break, 

RJ Liberti, George, 

Elaine Evans, 

Gloria Novak, Roger Fraser.

(left to right) Edith Forman, 

Bob Harding,

Bob Kleinberg.

In the Pool, our own Lee Block, whose water exercises and our resident health guru, enjoying the swim. Doesn’t she look great!

The newest

club member,

Nat Bloch

July 4th Pot Luck Party

Images from Covered Bridge’s 

4th of July Pot Luck party.


Collage by Kathy Busch

Annual Art Show, March 15, 2012

John Collier, 

Artist and Show Director

Keith Graybill 

with some of his wood creations.

Christmas and Hanukkah Celebration

George Cutler (right) as "Buster Keaton" with "Cher."

Covered Bridge 40th Anniversary Celebration

Connie, Property Mgr.,

Julie, Office Mgr., 

Evelyn, Office. Sec’y

Maintenance Crew, Carlos-Supervisor, 

Mercilia, George, Jorge, David, Felipe, Celestino and Joel.

Annual Halloween Party

Oct. 30, 2011

Arnie & Maddy Dickerman

Al & Rosemarie Zimmerman

Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.) Volunteers

Our local Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department, has hundreds of volunteers, men and women, who make up the C.O.P. (Citizens On Patrol) Organization. A dedicated group of men and women, from each of the Condo Communities and Home Owner’s Associations located here in P.B. County, who literally are the eyes and ears watching for any untoward activities that may be a threat to the peace, security and sanctity of their respective communities, by miscreants who can "terrorize" a community (muggings, assaults, burglarizing). An easily identifiable Sheriff’s Car, driven by our uniformed volunteers, with flashing lights, slowly touring the grounds of each community, can be intimidating to a would be perpetrator as well as a source of peace of mind and comfort to the myriad of residents, including those who are most vulnerable. Incidentally the Sheriff’s Department has statistics that prove the value of the C.O.P. Program in reducing local criminal activities in our patrolled areas. Our own Unit Volunteers hold a once monthly C.O.P. meeting in Covered Bridge, which also encompasses Willow Bend and Palm Beach National, two nearby communities. Pictured below are some of our volunteers:

Standing (l-r): (Trainer) Terri Mirolla, (Capt.) Gil Lynn, (Sgt) Flo Lynn, (Major) Steven Witover, (Lt) Richard Silverman. 

Note PBSO Deputy in Backround

Seated (l-r): Henry Seigal, 

Flo Schwartz, Rita Keller

Summers at Covered Bridge

Sunday, August 14th, Men's Club Barbecue for Covered Bridge members, better-halves and house guests. At left, Frank Scholl, Al Shoengold, and Al Zimmerman regularly "man" the various functions.  

Men's Club President 

Bob Kleinberg.

Edith Foreman

George Cutler wolfed down a "dog" with gusto and finesse.

(l-r) Henny, Judy, Rita, Elliot and Myrna stay cool in the pool

Maddy Dickerman plays Canasta, Mah-jongg, and knits (indoors).

Sam is a prolific reader while enjoying the pool-side.

Covered Bridge's 40th Anniversary "Olympic Games" Winners

March 19, 2011

The Ping Pong Winners:

Barbara Datri and Ira Falkenheim.


Bocci Winners:

Arlene Hurley and Joe Cornell


Shuffle Board Winners:

Irene Scherer and Irwin Greenberg


(Photo of the Tennis winners was not available)


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