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Welcome to CN's Fit After Fifty Column by Betty Thomas

Covered Bridge Clubhouse 


Includes events at all facilities ...

Also, "Now" and "Then" photos (scroll down)

Photos by Arnie Dickerman

Celebrating 99th Birthday!!

Audrey Levy (center) is surrounded by friends at Covered Bridge celebrating Audrey’s 99th birthday.

Photo by Arnie Dickerman

July 4th, 2016, at Covered Bridge

Left to right: 

Dave Friedland and 

Al Zimmerman (note his outfit), 

at the grilling station.

Left to right: 

Rochelle Friedland, 

Nellie Litevsky 

(organizer of this event) 

and Judy Goodman, 

working in the kitchen preparing 

all of the side dishes.

Left to right:

Sam Goodman and Arlene Rose, assisting serving attendees.

103 year old "Essie" who 

is the scorekeeper in 

her regular Canasta group!

Ruth Olinsky

greeting attendees.

Pancake/Sausage Breakfast at Covered Bridge

Al Zimmerman,

taking a welcome break from working the Grilling Station.

Left to right: 

Barbara Datri, 

Mary (Arena) Rossi,

Dave Datri, 

Lou Rossi, 

Rosemarie Zimmerman.

Covered Bridge's Property Management Company

Covered Bridge 

Property Management Company staff

Merciella Bell and Dennis Buschel, Seacrest Management Co. V. P..

Merciella celebrated her 20th anniversary with Seacrest.

On Monday, May 2nd, Ms. Merciella Bell, employed by our Property Management Company, a wonderful dedicated lady who daily cleans and cares for our clubhouse, was honored by her employer to mark her 20th anniversary in their employ. Our Office Staff and Our Maintenance Crew all who are employed by the Management Company as well as our Board Members were invited to a lunch provided by the VP of Seacrest Dennis Buschel to attend.

Haddassah November 2015 Meeting

President of " Lee Vasill Chapter": Linda Brock Cohen, presenting to Natalie Finver & Fran Buschin

Diane Sieven, Janice Bennet, Blanche Berk, Shirley Urben

We Care Luncheon

Edith Forman, Herbie Cohen, 

Jean Triano, Thelma Cohen

Hal Berman, Mary Romano, 

Holly Schuman, Ira Falkenstein, Janet Bennet, Sophie Wozniak

Millie Freeman, Janice Christie, 

Ira Falkenheimer, Sam Goodman, Judy Goodman, Jean Kaplow, Katherine Busch, 

Maddy Dickerman. 

Arnie Dickerman

Halloween Party

Terri Schneller

Bob Tyner, 

Marylou Graybill,

Keith Graybill

Maddy Dickerman and the "girls" went out for lunch to help Maddy celebrate her 75th Birthday which was on September 21st. 

(Back left to right) 

Judy Goodman, Ethel Brownstein, Nellie Litevsky, Ruth Olinsky, 

Ellen Keslow,
(Front seated left to right) 

Toby Reiss,
Maddy Dickerman

Presentation by Palm Beach Fire Dept. on CPR and instructions on use of new AED Defibrillator located in Clubhouse Auditorium

Capt. Charles Coyle , PB Fire Rescue Presenting CPR and 

AED Defibrillator lecture and demonstration

Attendees at the 

PB Fire Rescue program

Sam Goodman and our own Carlos Maintenance Supervisor and 

CPR training manikin.

Summer "Outdoors People" at Covered Bridge Pool

Mike Turner



Al Zimmerman

in the pool

Rochelle Friedland

Old Glory Proudly Flies at 

Covered Bridge Clubhouse

Annual Mothers' Day Luncheon

Men's Club members acted as waiters for the Mother's Day luncheon:

L-R: Tim Mazza, Ira Falkenheim, Bob Tyner, Herb Zeiman, 

Vinnie Corona, Bob Kleinberg, Sam Goodman, Gil Linn, Al Zimmerman

Olympics Winners 2015


(l-r) Elaine Evans, Coordinator 

Jean Kaplow, Olympics Chairperson (Camera shy) Nicole Mercier and Bernard Godbout, Winning Team


(l-r) Pat Leach, Winner 

Jean Kaplow, Olympics Chairperson


(l-r) Dino Dalmolin, Winning Team member of 2 member team (Camera shy) Sheila Weisman, Justin Aquaviva, Coordinator


(l-r) Joe Cornell, Winner; 

Tom Wiemer, Coordinator

After weeks of competition in the CB Olympics, where over 100 participants of the five events competed in bocce, tennis, horseshoes, croquet and rummique the winners attended an exclusive celebration sponsored by the Men’s Club on the afternoon of April 16th, in our clubhouse. Their spouses and significant others gathered to an awards ceremony enjoying coffee and cake as the crowd gave the recipients cheers for their accomplishments.

Men's Club: Back to the '50s


Carol Mazza, Danny Lore, 

Ermie Molinary

Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Ennis

Elvis, Dave Friedland, 

vocalist and accompanist

Italian Night, March 7, 2015, 

Mock Wedding Ceremony

(Left to right) 

Winnie Convertini, (bride) 

Arnie Dickerman, 

Joe Llorens, Nellie Litevsky, 

Joe a Cornell

(Left to right) 

Shelly Zandel, Terri Mirolla

(Left to right) 

Joe Sheber, Linda Brock Cohen, Nellie Litevsky , Joe Cornell

This is the real "Bride" and her "Groom " of 56 years this June 7th.
Maddy & Arnie Dickerman

Saturday evening, March 7 2015, at the Covered Bridge annual Italian Night, which featured a mock wedding ceremony followed by a reception dinner, with home made meatballs, pasta, salad and coffee and desserts took place. There were 100 "guests" at the wedding including the wedding party. The groom marrying his very pregnant bride, cajoled by her gun toting mobster father, her mother and her father’s floozy girl friend, the officiating minister who spoke in different broken English from varying dialects, the cross dressing ushers and maidens, the best man, ring bearer and flower girl, even the wedding planner all used adlibs to enhance the characters portrayed. The entire "affair" was a complete joy and success based on the commentary voiced by the attending crowd. Good food and entertaining provided by the zany wedding party made this years Italian Wedding the talk of the (town).

February Flurry of Activities 

Friday Niters presented 

"Mystery Night", a whodunit with a wonderful cast consisting of our own top thespians: (from left)  

Ira Falkenheim, Jean Johnston,

Joanne Schneller, Dino Dalmolin, Terri Merolla, Joe Llorens, Perry Palmer, Joe Sheber, Elaine Evans.

(from left) 

Arnie Dickerman, 

Herbie Cohen,

Thelma Cohen, Al Levy 

at monthly sing-along.

Happy New Year! 2015

Maddy D and Nellie Litevsky

Forefront: Frank and Susan Scheer

Holiday Decorating and Lighting, Dec. 16th & 19th

Blanche Berk

Elliot Taubenslag, Francine Vinacco

Carol Maza, presenting the completed Christmas Tree

Decorating The Indoor 

Christmas Tree:
Front: Cathy Hogan, Carol Maza; Rear: Joe L.,Terri Merolla, 

Dino Dalmolin;

Hidden: Sharon Tyner, Joe Cornell

Men's Club Pancake Breakfast, 

Nov. 16, 2014

"Master Chef" 

Al Zimmerman

Halloween, 2014

Barbara and

Dave Datri

Marylou Graybill

Linda Brock Cohen

Tim Mazza

Ginny Cornell

Nick Kirschner

Labor Day Barbecue, Sept. 2014

Myrna and Elliot Taubenslag

Dave and Barbara Datri

Maddy Dickerman and Ruth Olinsky

Nellie Letevski and Ted Kaufer

Al and Rosemarie Zimmerman

Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.) Volunteers

Leading "Unit 86" (left to right)
Terry Mirolla, Trainer; 

Gil Lin, Captain (retired);
Flo Lin, Lieutenant; 

Michael Halzel, Major;
Richard Silverman, Lieutenant (ret.);

and a Sheriff’s deputy in background.

Covered Bridge 


Swimming Pool 

Exercise Group

Celebrating Fourth of July, 2014

Some of our CB folks got together in our clubhouse to share the early evening on July 4th with a Pot Luck dining event. Our own Yankee Doodle Dandy, aka  Al Popper, pictured at right,  who was born on the fourth of July, a number of decades ago, was presented with a birthday cake.

Rosemarie & Al Zimmerman 

were among those who attended the Pot Luck.

April 30, 2014 Picnic/BBQ 

Sunday, April 30, 2014, an informal picnic/barbecue took place in our picnic area. The folks who attended, including myself, enjoyed the camaraderie and the opportunity to say some good-byes to a few snowbirds.

Hi Tea, April 6, 2014

featuring Lake Worth High School Chorus

The Lake Worth High School Chorus, 

led by their director and pianist Mr. Weatherspoon

Men's Club's 2nd Annual 

"Back to the Fifties" Social,

March 29, 2014

"Elvis" with Irene Goldberg


Photo by Arnie Dickerman

Tennis Finals, 2014

Photo by Arnie Dickerman

Front, left to right: Finalists Elaine Evans, Ernie Loucel, Rosemarie Ryan, Roger Fraser and the entire "Olympic" competitors behind them. First place women's champion: Rosemarie Ryan; Second place: Elaine Evans. Men's: Ernie Loucel and Rover Fraser tied for first place. Prizes awarded courtesy of the Men's Club. Congratulations to all.

Bocci Finals at Covered Bridge, 2014

Emmy Neclario

Paul Hennigan

Lillian Cambell

Chuck Sciandra

December 2013

Mae Schwartz (center) with daughters Lisa (left) and Robin. Mae celebrated her birthday this month and was honored by the Covered Bridge Hadassah Organization as Woman of the Year. Mae's two daughters surprised her with their presence.

Friday Nighters Dance, Nov. 15, 2013

Not in particular order – group from Canada: Jean-Claude Cortes, Micheline Beauchamp, Lucette Messier, Jean-Louis Messier, Jean Dagorn, Muriel Schmidtke, Sylvie Beauchamp, Solange Gingras, Jackie, Patrick Pon, Annie Pon.

Tennis Courts

Photo by Arnie Dickerman

Our newly refurbished tennis courts have been completed. Pictured above are tennis aficionados who participated in the grand opening of the courts: Arnie Dickerman kneeling, and, Rosemary Ryan, Roger Fraser, Nina and Ernie Loucel, Elaine Evans, Joe Scheber, Bob Warmus, Keith Graybill, Tim Mazza, Effie Wright

New Feature:

Now and Then

Photos from present and past

From Arnie Dickerman: I am introducing a new feature to my column (Condo News print newspaper and Condo News Online Clubhouse Gallery). Since most of our fellow friends and neighbors met in their senior years, I thought it would be interesting to see how they appeared in their younger years. This feature became a hit since its first appearance in the September 4th issue. Photos are below as they appeared in the print version. 

"Now" photos by Arnie Dickerman

Judy and Sam Goodman-now

Judy and Sam Goodman-then

Marge Stramiello - now

Mr. & Mrs. Stramiello-then

Maddy & Arnie Dickerman-now

Arnie & Maddy Dickerman-then

Ginny and Joe Cornell-now

Ginny and Joe Cornell-then

Al & Rosemarie Zimmerman - now

Rosemarie & Al Zimmerman - then

Elliot & Myrna Taubenslag - now

Myrna & Elliot Taubenslag - then

Marge Stramiello - now

Marge Stramiello - then

Herb & Marlene Zeiman now

Herb then

Marlene then

October 2nd issue: 

Herbie & Thelma Cohen now and at their 1960 wedding.

September 18, 2013 issue: 

Arline & Harvey Rose at Harvey's 90th birthday bash 

and at their wedding.

September 4, 2013 issue:     

Edith Forman Now and Then. 

Covered Bridge Poolside

Maureen Schofield is enjoying the Covered Bridge pool

Clubhouse Library Dedication

Thelma Cohen and

 Herbie Green (center) and 

Arnie Dickerman (in dark shirt).

This Plaque created by our own Artisan Al Popper will be placed in the Clubhouse Library

Our Clubhouse Library Dedication to officially name it "The Thelma Cohen Library", with Thelma and her hubby Herbie present for the occasion brought out a large crowd of well wishers to witness the ceremony. Thelma an unassuming lady who for the past 20 years served as librarian, graciously accepted the plaque, which will be placed in the library for everyone entering our beautiful facility to observe. Her exemplary service to Covered Bridge extended beyond her library duties.

Thelma also has headed our "We Care" volunteer service, and has, in addition, collected over 5,000 used eyeglass frames, during this time period, which have been turned over to The Lion’s Club who in turn sends them to Third World Countries to be used there.

March 2013 Happenings

Back to the '50s Night; Annual Art Show; 

Bocce & Tennis; St. Patrick's Breakfast

Back to the ‘50s Night: 

Sylvia & Chuck

Doris & Bob

Flo & Bob

Annual Art Show

Artist Stan Reis

Bocce Winners: l-r

Ron Neclario and Ermie Molinary 

with Steve Molinari


Pancake Breakfast 


Men's Club Breakfast, Jan. 13th

Every second Sunday of each month The Men’s Club members have the opportunity to enjoy a great breakfast and a featured entertainer. Bob Harding and Flo Ferger enjoy a dance to the music.

Photo by Arnie Dickerman

New Year's Eve Celebration, 2012-2013

(Forefront l-r) 

Bob, Rita G. & Francine

(Forefront l-r) 

Naomi, Judy K. & Howard

(L-r) Harvey & Arline, Ted & Nellie

Judy & Sam

Myrna & Elliott

Pamela & Rick

Holloween Dance Party, 

Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012

Arline & Harvey

Carol & Tim

Elaine & Joe

Linda & Terri

Mike, Elaine & Francine

Patti & Billo

Linda Brock Cohen

Monthly Men's Club Breakfast, October 2012

Men’s Club Members always help prepare for the Breakfasts. Pictured are (left to right) 

Henry Siegel, Al Zimmerman, 

Herb Zeiman, Herbie Cohen, 

Al Shoengold, 

the platter holds "Nova".

(left to right) 

taking a forced (by me) break, 

RJ Liberti, George, 

Elaine Evans, 

Gloria Novak, Roger Fraser.

(left to right) Edith Forman, 

Bob Harding,

Bob Kleinberg.

In the Pool, our own Lee Block, whose water exercises and our resident health guru, enjoying the swim. Doesn’t she look great!

The newest

club member,

Nat Bloch

July 4th Pot Luck Party

Images from Covered Bridge’s 

4th of July Pot Luck party.


Collage by Kathy Busch

Annual Art Show, March 15, 2012

John Collier, 

Artist and Show Director

Keith Graybill 

with some of his wood creations.

Christmas and Hanukkah Celebration

George Cutler (right) as "Buster Keaton" with "Cher."

Covered Bridge 40th Anniversary Celebration

Connie, Property Mgr.,

Julie, Office Mgr., 

Evelyn, Office. Sec’y

Maintenance Crew, Carlos-Supervisor, 

Mercilia, George, Jorge, David, Felipe, Celestino and Joel.

Annual Halloween Party

Oct. 30, 2011

Arnie & Maddy Dickerman

Al & Rosemarie Zimmerman

Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.) Volunteers

Our local Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department, has hundreds of volunteers, men and women, who make up the C.O.P. (Citizens On Patrol) Organization. A dedicated group of men and women, from each of the Condo Communities and Home Owner’s Associations located here in P.B. County, who literally are the eyes and ears watching for any untoward activities that may be a threat to the peace, security and sanctity of their respective communities, by miscreants who can "terrorize" a community (muggings, assaults, burglarizing). An easily identifiable Sheriff’s Car, driven by our uniformed volunteers, with flashing lights, slowly touring the grounds of each community, can be intimidating to a would be perpetrator as well as a source of peace of mind and comfort to the myriad of residents, including those who are most vulnerable. Incidentally the Sheriff’s Department has statistics that prove the value of the C.O.P. Program in reducing local criminal activities in our patrolled areas. Our own Unit Volunteers hold a once monthly C.O.P. meeting in Covered Bridge, which also encompasses Willow Bend and Palm Beach National, two nearby communities. Pictured below are some of our volunteers:

Standing (l-r): (Trainer) Terri Mirolla, (Capt.) Gil Lynn, (Sgt) Flo Lynn, (Major) Steven Witover, (Lt) Richard Silverman. 

Note PBSO Deputy in Backround

Seated (l-r): Henry Seigal, 

Flo Schwartz, Rita Keller

Summers at Covered Bridge

Sunday, August 14th, Men's Club Barbecue for Covered Bridge members, better-halves and house guests. At left, Frank Scholl, Al Shoengold, and Al Zimmerman regularly "man" the various functions.  

Men's Club President 

Bob Kleinberg.

Edith Foreman

George Cutler wolfed down a "dog" with gusto and finesse.

(l-r) Henny, Judy, Rita, Elliot and Myrna stay cool in the pool

Maddy Dickerman plays Canasta, Mah-jongg, and knits (indoors).

Sam is a prolific reader while enjoying the pool-side.

Covered Bridge's 40th Anniversary "Olympic Games" Winners

March 19, 2011

The Ping Pong Winners:

Barbara Datri and Ira Falkenheim.


Bocci Winners:

Arlene Hurley and Joe Cornell


Shuffle Board Winners:

Irene Scherer and Irwin Greenberg


(Photo of the Tennis winners was not available)


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